Quest Log – May 17th – Quarantine Blues

The Quest Log. Keeping you Up to Date

Join us on Monday, May 18 for the Final Episode of this Carbon 2185 Arc.   We will be giving away a hardcover copy of the Carbon 2185 Core Rulebook from Dragon Turtle Games.   (It’s shipping to the US right now.  We will ship out when it arrives.)

For anyone interested in starting their own Carbon 2185 game, the Quick Start Guide is available from the Dragon Turtle Games website by signing up for their newsletter.  Tune in Monday for a special code to get more.

Last Week on Quests and Chaos

Last week on Chaos Agents Cupcake Cora won a  Nord Games Critical Hit Deck .
Additionally, TimeLadyWithaWand won a Gale Force Nine Deck Arcane Spell Deck.

On Exalted Vales BobNixon01 won a Nord Games Critical Hit Deck
Also on Exalted Vales JustaJosh won a Nord Games Luck Deck

After the Total Party Chill Raid 8oooo2 won a Critical Hit Deck.

Finally, Thanks to Rav Starburner’s Gift Subscriptions, the Gale Force Nine Giveaway was triggered on the Great Dane Society.  SkallaGrimr won a Creature and NPC Deck.

Thank you to everyone who watched and entered, and thank you to whoever used our affiliate link at nord Games to purchase a LOT of stuff.  🙂

Question of the Week!

What’s your favorite game system and why?

Give us your thoughts on discord.

This Week on Quests and Chaos

MONDAY, MAY 18 – 7:00PM

EP – 12 Monium “Johnny” Mnemonic

Having successfully escaped the Kumate, and destroyed the underground live streamed phenomenon, the crew finds themselves in the protective custody of the Sagawa Sisters as they use Monium to search for clues on the location of Kaito & Urbz. They don’t know where they are headed or what they might find hidden in Monium’s memory.

The crew has escaped from the Kumate with their lives, and now must search Monium’s memory for clues on Kaito & Urbzs’ whereabouts.

TUESDAY, MAY 19 | 7:00PM

Ep 74 – The Real Balder’s Gate

The crew of the Irregular Phoenix received their pay and a couple days of downtime. With the help of Dallid and Bilbur, Jensen received a magical and bionic leg, allowing him full movement and new abilities. Loot from the Chimera was split between repair on the Chimera, the Phoenix, and the Foxy Irregulars. They eventually set sail, with a ship full of cookies and Emma attempting to commandeer the ship.

They encountered a few other ships, yet none of them attacked them.  Things must be looking up as they head to Baldur’s Gate, the hive of scum and villainy.

The Foxy Irregulars have finally reached Baldur’s Gate, and revenge is back on the menu. Things can’t be that simple though, can they?

The Great Dane Society Call of Cthulhu Actual Play video and podcast


Episode 42 – Demon or Not, that Cat’s a Jerk

The Great Danes lost one of their own (well most of him) and started hunting for Sylvano. They had three memorable encounters that brought them closer to gathering an army to fight Penhew on Gray Dragon Island. They got Taro to agree to help them, Madame Lin to help them (for a price..), and finally found Brass Brady, who is working on the same plan they are. Oh, they also pretty casually let a vengeance demon slaughter a fortune teller. Well, you can’t win them all, right?

What information does Brady have, and can they bring the many disparate parties of this alliance together to fight Penhew? Will they agree to kill the dangerous Ho Fang to gain Madame Lin’s support? Are things in Shanghai finally starting to look up?

The Untitled Podcast

Ep 7 – This Week in Kickstarter

Due to some long work hours, this episode will focus solely on The WiK. We have not yet recorded it, but we know what we are going to talk about. So, this is probably coming later in the week.

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