Quest Log – May 25th – Under Construction

The Quest Log. Keeping you Up to Date

Join us on Monday, May 25 for the first ever Carbon 2185 Mitten.   We will be giving away a hardcover copy of the Carbon 2185 Core Rulebook from Dragon Turtle Games.

For anyone interested in starting their own Carbon 2185 game, the Quick Start Guide is available from the Dragon Turtle Games website by signing up for their newsletter.  Tune in Monday for a special code to get a discount.

Last Week on Quests and Chaos

Last week on Carbon 2185 LonelyYeti0312 won a Carbon 2185 Core Rule Book!

We triggered the BOI on Chaos Agents and will do that Gale Force Nine Giveaway on Tuesday’s Show.

LonelyYeti donated funds to do Cthulhu starter set giveways on The Great Dane Society.  Tune in on Saturday for another starter set giveaway.

On Call of Cthulhu CrystalSparklesBriena won the Cthulhu Starter set and wynternyghtynggale won the pdf version.

Question of the Week!

What other Shows/Podcats do you watch/listen to.  What do you like about them?

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This Week on Quests and Chaos

MONDAY, MAY 25 – 7:00PM

The Mitten  – Virtuosity

The underground events in Tokyo that have been made public recently have driven VR App makers into a frenzy in an attempt to create a similar app experience for users. “Join the Virtual Kumate from the comforts of your flat!” Different iterations of Virtual Kumates are popping up all over the marketplace and for a skilled VR developer – its a way to make a quick buck. A quick buck is something Urbz needs in his new city, and developing for VR is right up his alley. For most VR users, it’s either a fun experience, an escape from their mundane existence, or an addictive itch they need to scratch – but before you send your app into the market, it needs to be beta tested. Finding willing test subjects is hard, so maybe paying a local gang to get you some unwilling ones is easier. After all, until it’s properly tested you have no idea if the app is safe.

In a new city Urbz is looking to make some Wonlongs. So he falls back on his area of expertise, VR App making. Dev work is hard, finding test subjects, harder. Good thing people in this city are largely forlorn. He’ll put an ad out for beta testers, and wait to see who shows up.

Join Warren, Thomas, Tiana, Aaron, and special guests Jared and Diana from TheDATNetwork!


TUESDAY, MAY 26 | 7:00PM

Ep 75 – The Past, The Present, The Future?

Last week the Foxy Irregulars met with Harbor master Erl Nammaron and found just the right bureaucratic way to get the Chimera transferred to Barden Thorne. Without knowing where to go, they spent a great deal of time planning their next move. They finally left the ship, to make their way to the Dock Master Harbor House.

They were immediately hounded by Tim Messenger looking for salacious headlines for his publication, the Baldur’s Mouth newspaper. (Really, no one got it?)

They were motioned over to alley in the Bloomridge district by Dagon Swiftbow, a member of the Cult of Asmodeus. He set a meeting between the Foxy Irregulars and High Priest Mosshelm Flynn at the Smilin’ Boar Tavern. With a few hours to kill, they made their way to Sorcerers Sundries, a magic shop that has ingredients, spell components, and peculiar gnome employee. They made several purchases, a trade, and headed to the Smilin’ Boar. They did not notice anyone following them, as they wound their way through the streets to make sure they were not followed.

When they entered the Bloomridge district the change from the rest of Baldur’s gate was noticeable, as even the street signs were better designed and maintained. They passed two individuals patrolling the street as part of the Bloomridge Crew. A security organization set out to keep the neighborhood safe.

Uzo entered the Smilin’ Boar first, noticing a female Halfling tending the bar, another female halfling in leather armor, a Bloomridge Crew Arm Band, and a rapier at her side sitting in the corner. He took up the opposite corner, and paid a gold to the owner, to sit and stay a while.

That’s when Uzo noticed Remy standing on a bar stool, motioning for Uzo to buy him a drink. As Uzo pointed over, drawing the attention of several patrons, there was a clamorous banging as a metal tankard bounced off the ground. The halfling in the corner, standing in disbelief, whispered, “Slade?” As Remy turned to look, the shock on his face said it all, as he saw Winnifred for the first time since he became a pirate.

Join us as we find out what happens when Remy meets his lost love (whom he abandoned), and Asmodeus comes calling with an urgent timeline.


The Great Dane Society Call of Cthulhu Actual Play video and podcast


Episode 43 – “That Skill is Called Boobs”

The Great Danes met Brass Brady and started to formulate a plan. But pleasing multiple factions and gaining their support proved difficult. They tried to make deals with as many groups as possible. Meanwhile, Alexandria had an awful dream about Sylvano, their lost companion. They thought they found the location of Ho Fang, but instead found a gruesome torture chamber that lead them to an even more gruesome murder scene. It appears that Ho Fang now has the all important scrolls that they need to defeat Nyarlathotep.

It looks like the GDS will be forced to take action against Ho Fang. They have 5 days left before they need to be on a Japanese destroyer. Will that be enough time to recover and translate the scrolls?

The Untitled Podcast

Ep 7 – This Week in Kickstarter

Ep 7 – This Week in Kickstarter.

Seriously, I think we will record this sometime this week.

Below, is the before picture, sort of set aside for virtual streaming.

 Nord Games creates 3rd party Dungeons and Dragons accessories.