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    Amy Puzia and Thomas Koch host The Untitled Quests and Chaos Podcast, discussing news and information about Tabletop RPGs, Board Games, and Kickstarters.

    This week we discus the Shelter in Place in the Bay Area of California. We are remote for everyone but Thomas and Amy. We are using Zoom for video calls, and Roll20 for maps. 

    Updates include our Ghosts of Saltmarsh Campaign and Carbon 2185.



    Altered Carbon

    Featured Topic:

    Quests and Chaos Monetization.

    We discuss our Tavern Upkeep, Patreon, Twitch bits, Twitch subs, Youtube ad revenue, and merchandise. We also discuss where the money goes. Spoiler alert, right now 100% of it goes to paying studio rent in the Shelter in Place.

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