S1E15 | Short on Time | Legends of Solari


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    Eo, Qora, and Kofax struggled to train their new pets, a hellhound, winter wolf, and shadow mastiff puppies. Sebastian, picked up a scroll and finally sold off the helm of ridiculousness. Eo found a music store with an amazing, yet expensive violin. Leaving with a guitar he returned to the Slithering Cauldron to make some serious coin.

    After that, the team met with their contact and donned Law scale costumes and joined the ranks of an advance scouting force.

    After a distraction they headed into the sanguine wastelands following the trail of Gil Urmish.

    After more animal training and biting from the mastiff and kofax, they discovered the stone bodies of several law scale.

    Going into the tunnel they found a basilisk and two cockatrice. After a fight and an amazing Chester Impression, they defeated the foes with only a single casualty of a rapier, now rusted.

    Searching the other tunnel the discovered giant spiders and some other creatures that will be dealt with next episode on Legends of Solari.