Ep. 2 – It’s Difficult To Run In Robes


    Last week, we entered Candlekeep with our signature chaos as our group of unlikely adventurers came together. Dewey ran around a lot, offering a helping hand and large rations of bacon to everyone he came in contact with, while Wu Ya searched through tome after tome for the answers to his unspoken questions as his time in Candlekeep ran short.

    Meanwhile, new faces from outside the Keep arrived: Odila Analdi used a journal of a highly influential person to gain entry, and proceeded to surprise her assigned Avowed with her request for a fairly mundane book and anything else by that author. Lester and Sabacthani Moreover created quite a splash with their flamboyant arrival and discussion of “Restricted” texts.

    As the laughter and chaos rippled through Candlekeep, Great Reader Alkrist spoke with Wu Ya. While Wu Ya’s time at Candlekeep is nearly finished, he has observed that the boy has not seemed to find what he sought. So Alkrist offers Wu Ya an opportunity: a mage named Matreous has gone missing from one of the reading rooms in the Towers of Pedagogy. If Wu Ya is able to help discover what happened to Matreous, he will be permitted to stay longer and continue his studies.

    Wu Ya grabs Dewey, his fellow child in Candlekeep, and Odila and the Moreovers decide they can’t allow children to go into an adventure without adult supervision. The five of them made their way to the reading room and discovered a magical door set into the wall, revealed with Wu Ya’s use of Detect Magic. After a couple mishaps involving smacked noses, the group discovers the key word to open the magical door, and find themselves looking into a large foyer beyond. Standing just inside is a man who matches the description they received of Matreous.

    Welcome to Candlekeep, the greatest library in the Forgotten Realms. A citadel dedicated to knowledge and learning which welcomes Seekers of Knowledge, so long as they come with a gift of further knowledge. Welcome, gentle travelers, and enjoy your time. But beware the booksl some hold adventures that could prove…dangerous.

    Welcome to Swords and Sages, a new D&D 5e campaign from Quests and Chaos! Join DM Tiana Hanson as she takes a strange blend of adventurers through Candlekeep Mysteries!  Thomas Koch, Ezra Denney, Laura Domingo, James Aaron Oh, and Alandra Hileman join the chaos, er, mysteries.

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