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The Deck of Inspiration 5e accessory
The Deck of Inspiration 5e accessory
The Deck of Inspiration 5e accessory
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Deck of Inspiration

The Deck of Inspiration is a series of three or more card decks designed to enhance the 5e inspiration mechanic.  Instead of giving out simple advantage for great role play, the Deck of Inspiration rewards players with exciting and unique one time use boons.  These come in three varieties; Divine Inspiration, Potion, and Magic Item.

Turn a regular hit into a critical, Bull rush through enemies without provoking attacks of opportunity, or use your reaction to smack a wizard’s hands to interrupt a spell.


The deck is designed to be drawn at random when a player does something you want to reward. They role play their character’s weaknesses or bonds, they drop a pun that engulfs the table in laughter, or maybe they brought snacks.

Each deck features 55 cards with no more than two of each card. Some cards “level up” with boosted versions, and even more powerful versions in later decks.

Card Samples from the Deck of Inspiration

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