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New Patreon Tiers and Benefits for 2021


Hello fellow Chaotics!

We are shaking things up a little bit here on Quests and Chaos for the new year in 2021.  We will continue to be remote until we are able to be safe from Covid-19.   This realistically means we are waiting for cast and crew to get vaccinated.   We will make exceptions for board games, but only in special circumstances with minimal participants.   Our goal is to come back to the studio as soon as we safely can.

Now, on to the big news with Inspiration, Patreon, and Bits.

We are changing our Patreon tiers to 4 different tiers.

$5 – Guild Member

Rewards – In addition to the listing in the break video, you will get to award 1 card of your choice from the Deck of Inspiration to one stream of your choice.  PDF of the Deck of Inspiration 1-4.

Membership into The Guild of the Five Ees. (no random drawings, every Patron will get a chance to participate if they would like to before we reset and start again.  This does not need to be a streamed game.  We alternate between a streamed game and a non streamed game, for those that wish to just play with us off stream.)

$10 – Inspired Patron

Rewards – Listing in the break video.  You get to award 1 card of your choice per month to any stream(s). PDF of the deck of Inspiration 1-4, and 5-9.  A spot in the 5e Fight Club

$25 – Inspiration Middle Management

Rewards – Listing in the break video.  You get to award 3 cards of your choice per month to any stream(s). PDF of the deck of Inspiration 1-4, 5-9, 10-15  A spot in the 5e Fight Club

$50 – Inspiration Leader

Rewards – Listing in the break Video.  You get to award 6 cards of your choice per month to any stream(s).  PDF of the deck of inspiration 1-4, 5-9, 10-15, 16-20  A spot in the 5e Fight Club


We will continue to use the same Bits for inspiration mechanic we currently use.   The players may redeem 1 inspiration coin to add a d6 to any d20 roll.   They can also redeem two inspiration coins to draw two cards from the deck of inspiration and choose one of them to keep for the session.

At the end of the session, any unused inspiration tokens will be added to the BOI.  Any unused cards will be converted into 2 inspiration coins to go into the BOI.


The guild of the 5Es, sometimes called the 5e fight club is a guild of adventurers taking on various tasks and adventures that come to the guild.

The guild accepts commissions for profit and retains an eclectic selection of contract adventurers.   Each mission the guild selects contractors to handle whatever situation they are facing.

As a Patron of Quests and Chaos, you are invited to join the guild of the 5Es for their monthly adventures.   These adventures will be one shots that take an average of 3 hours to play.  Each member will start with a 2nd level D&D5e character, and you will all be invited to the 5e Fight Club DNDBeyond campaign, which allows you access to the full catalog for creating your character.   You can use that campaign to create as many characters as you want, but please only save one to the campaign.

A couple of rules for character building.  We will be using Average Hit points, and 27 Point Buy creation.   This will allow a more even balance of characters across the guild.

We will begin the guild at 2nd level, and we will all level up together.    If you miss a few rounds, don’t worry, your character is leveling up with the rest of the guild.

Membership to the guild is a reward for being a Quests and Chaos Patreon Member in the $5 tier and above.