Podcast Schedule and Updates

    We have finally moved to a podcasting analytics and hosting platform, called Captivate.fm.  This allows us a lot more insight into our podcast metrics, listeners, and popularity of the podcasts.  It also has a wonderful feature allowing us to schedule their release.

    Using her audio and editing skills, our wonderful Tiana has taken over publishing our podcasts.

    Below you will find the Podcast Release Schedule of each of the podcasts.

    Natural 1 – Saturday 8:00AM PST
    Chaos Agents – Sunday at 8:00AM PST
    Great Dane Society – Thursday at 8:00AM PST
    Carbon 2185 – Friday 8:00AM PST (when in session)

    You can find links to all of the major podcast services at https://questsandchaos.com/podcasts

    If you enjoy the podcast, please consider sharing it with your friends, or recommending it on social media.  I often see tweets or Facebook posts asking for podcast or stream recommendations. If you enjoy our content, please consider recommending it.

    Thank you!


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