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Massive Holiday Giveaway Featuring Nord Games and Gale Force Nine

Quests and Chaos, Nord Games, and Gale Force Nine have teamed up to give you an amazing RPG giveaway to at least 1 lucky winner. If we get over 500 entries we will draw 2 winners!  Like, tweet, subscribe, and share for more entries into the giveaway.  ENTER HERE!


Prizes include:

Nord Games Products: $145 Value!

2 Treasure Trove Decks (CR1-4 & CR 5-8) $30 Value
3 Wondering Monster Decks (Underground, Dungeon, Wilderlands) $45 Value
Ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde Hardcover book $40 Value
Critical Hit Deck for GMS $15 Value
Luck Deck $15 Value


Gale Force Nine Products $110 Value

Arcane Spell Cards Deck $25 Value
Cleric Spell Cards Deck $20 Value
Volo’s Guide to Monsters Monster Deck $20 Value
Mordekainen’s Tome of Foes Monster Deck $25 Value
Creature and NPC Cards $20 Value