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The Deck of Inspiration 5e accessory
The Deck of Inspiration 5e accessory
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Quest Log – May 4th – Tavern Upkeep is paid


Last Week on Quests and Chaos

Last week on our Mitten One Shot Tygeron31 won a  Cthluhu Starter Set, Exhausted Dragon won a Nord Games Luck Deck and we are waiting for ryuu01010 to decide on which Nord Games deck they would like.

In an interesting turn of events Squeel the Bard won a  Cthluhu Starter Set and the Nordic Geek won Mug for Heff Day

On The Great Dane Society, abslynnz won a set of Birds of Paradice Dice.

Happy !HeffDay

Thank you to everyone who watched and entered.

Question of the Week!

Is the Newsletter Valuable?  What would make it better?  Do you read it?   How do you read it?  Check out the discord to answer the question.

May Tavern Upkeep is Complete

Thanks to an anonymous donor (some people call them Voldemort), we have already finished the Tavern Upkeep for May.

This gives us all a little breathing room to make sure we can get through this quarantine.   We have members of our community who’s livelihoods are impacted by the virus and shutdown.   Thank you for being with us, and hopefully we can provide a bit of relief from the stress of the day.

Thank you, Voldemort.  And thank you to everyone who donated in April to push us over our Tavern Upkeep goal!

This Week on Quests and Chaos

MONDAY, MAY 4 | 7:00PM

Ep 10 – The Running Man

After infiltrating the hideout of the Kagemi Boys, the group has successfully made it below ground to the nerve center of gang operations. They helped a Kagemi Boys Reclaimer escape death at the hands of one of the gangs creations, and in turn were given information that would help them find Monium. That information led them deep down into the gang’s operations center. They were able to sneak for a short period of time, but eventually were discovered and tripped the venue alarm. Now they are caught between the entire Kagemi Boys hideout and a door.

Trapped several levels below ground, in a gang hideout, searching for their friend – the team is backed into a corner and forced to play a game they weren’t prepared for.

TUESDAY, MAY 4 (5) | 7:00PM

Ep 72 – Let’s Get it On

The Foxy Irregulars have spent the day relaxing in Saltmarsh, discovering their new powers. Uzo and Ruckus spent the day with as many animals as they could and explored the “Haunted” House to the south. Remy and Andraste answered the question of “will they, won’t they” with not right now. Exposed out in the woods, the two of them have just heard a thump and a twig crack from the forest.

Join us as forest creatures investigate the two invaders, and see what happens when half the party dies.


Exhaulted Vales: Gates of Lusan

Join us for a special 2-shot featuring Devon from Total Party Chill, Amy, James, and Hollywood Actor, Matthew Bridges!

Lusan, the city of a Thousand Oracles, is undoubtedly the most famous city of the mysterious Exalted Vales. You were hired a week ago by Efanny, a young archeologist on her way to Lusan where she is meeting her mentor for an important exhibit. Efanny happens to be Emma’s cousin. Her mentor’s guild is paying for the journey and you will earn ten gold coins when you arrive in Lusan. Your task is to keep a very important antique amulet from their collection safe. You have been sailing for seven days in a convoy of four ships. The journey has been uneventful and your ship’s captain is confident that you will reach your destination safe and sound in a day or two.

Tune into Quizzes of the Coast on Total Party Chill at 6pm pst and then come on over with Devon afterwards!

The Exalted Vales Kickstarter Launches May 1st.

The Great Dane Society Call of Cthulhu Actual Play video and podcast


Ep 40 – The Heart is the New Girdle

Who could have guessed that the headdress of eyes was actually Sir Aubrey Penhew, evil leader of the Carlyle Foundation? He used the headdress to have the Danes lead him right to some of his major opposition, and take them out. It also appears that Joan lost the power of the staves. They got leads on the location of Jack Brady, and found out that they are not the only people very interested in Brady’s location. Emma met Madame Lin, and Donal and Alexandria snuck on board Penhew’s boat where they found a portal to some mysterious island.

Donal and Alexandria are cornered on the Dark Mistress, as her evil crew returns, Emma has caught the eye of Madame Lin, but (as her fortune asked) is she the king or the quarry? Silvano and Joan have plans to find a place of power in Shanghai to try to use a ritual to attack Penhew. Will any of it work?

 Nord Games creates 3rd party Dungeons and Dragons accessories.

Boardgaming in the Social Distancing World


Hello Internet Friends,

These are crazy times, and it is more meaningful than ever to spend a little time with friends playing games. Luckily there are a number of resources available (some of them even free!) to share games with friends across the world. In this post, I am going to give a quick overview of four options for you to get playing. There are others, but these four are the most popular and have the most game options.

First off, having voice chat is super useful. We use a Discord server with a main lobby, and then gamerooms (numbered) where the players in each game can go to have a game-specific voice chat (nice for kibbitzing and rules explanation/questions). Some of these services have voice (and even video) chat options built-in, but we have found Discord to be the most effective.

So, the four gaming options I am detailing are (in particular order): Tabletop Simulator (pay, software, available on Steam), Yucata.de (free, web-based), Tabletopia (free/pay (for premium games), web-based or on Steam), and Boardgamearena (free/pay (for premium games), web-based). Each has strong points, and each has things they could do better. Let’s break it down.


TableTop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator is a steam game that allows you to play an almost unlimited catalog of boardgames (and even RPGs! Heck, there is even an implementation of Warhammer 40K.) with a virtual reality-style table showing all the game pieces. It retails for $19.99 on Steam, but you can often find it at a rather substantial discount. It offers voice chat through Steam directly, as well as easy matchmaking. Each game is a module, which the host downloads through the Steam Workshop. There are many licensed games that cost money, and countless unlicensed games that are free. You can find almost any game on there, but it can be hard to find specific games. However, the major drawback to Tabletop Simulator is that the game does not have the rules coded in. That is to say, you have all the bits to the game, but the rules are totally up to the players. It is very easy to play cards that are not legal or put things in the wrong place. So, if you know the game well, Tabletop Simulator can be a good choice, but if you don’t, it can be rough.


Yucata.de is a free German site (free membership required) that offers more than 150 different games to play. The visuals are the least impressive of any of the options, but they get the job done. Each game is licensed by the publisher, using the actual graphics from the game. The game implements all the rules of each game and offers some rules information. It’s still useful to have someone who knows the rules and can guide the game. One big drawback to Yucata is that it is made for play by email, so you can just sit in the game and wait for others to take their turns, or you can go do something else and come back to it. Yucata is a great service (especially for the price) and has tons of great games, but it can be a little obtuse, especially getting started.


Table topia Graphic

Tabletopia is very similar to Tabletop Simulator. There is either a web-based version or a game version (available on Steam for free). The free version allows you to play up to two games simultaneously, with paid versions (the web version is a monthly fee, the game version offers a downloadable content model.) having more options and premium games available. The interface is slick, and you can take advantage of Steam for matchmaking and voice chat. However, once again, it is a sandbox, and no rules are implemented. So you really need someone who knows the game and can explain it well. One cool thing about Tabletopia is that many designers release beta versions of games here. So you can find new Kickstarters or designs by your favorite designer there.


Finally, Boardgamearena.com is a web-based service offering fully licensed implementations of over 170 games. It also offers features like groups (so you and your friends can easily find each other), competitions, and hilarious statistics like who took the longest time during their turns (for premium members). It is the cheapest of the premium memberships at $2/mo, and only one person has to be a premium member to host a game. The implementations of the games are sharp, and some use a new 3d engine that looks great. It has a nice library of games but definitely skews a little older. One bonus is that the rules of the game are always available in the game, and the game manages the rules, showing you where a tile can be legally played for example (not that we ever gets rules wrong..)

So, four options to get your virtual game night going. If you try any out, let us know how it goes in the cardboard & chaos Discord room. We might be planning a Quests & Chaos game night soon, as well.

How to create a better Dungeons and Dragons RPG Experience


Quests and Chaos is a Digital streaming channel, featuring Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthuhlu, Carbon 2185 and Board Games of all types.   We stream 4 days a week on twitch, with additional content created just for Youtube.  You can see all of our back episodes and content at https://Youtube.com/QuestsChaos  We started the channel is 2018 after being inspired by Felicia Day and her journey with Geek and Sundry and Critical Role growth as a media company.

Warren, Beau, James, and Aaron get ready for Chaos Agents

Over the last year of streaming, we noticed a number of behaviors we want to address in order to create a positive experience for our players at the table and our viewers.

We’ve implemented many of our streaming rules to our home games and found that we are getting much more out of our games. The first step in changing anything, is knowing what to change.

So without Further Ado, here are the 10 tips for making a your gaming table a more enjoyable place to play.

1) Be engaged
The story is unfolding around you, and there might be important information to discover. Even when your character is not involved, it’s important to be engaged in what’s happening.  If you look bored, the audience can see it.

In your home game if you’re bored and on your phone, the other players and DM can see it and feel it. Give others the same level of attention you want during your role play time.

Note taking helps to remember things.  Sometimes you actually do need to know the name of the bard in that one town at that one bar.  A notebook is a great addition to your play area but please be aware of your posture.  If you bury your head in your notebook all we see is the top of your head.  Even in your home game, if you are only taking notes your not participating.

2) Let everyone contribute & be polite
Be aware others might be waiting for you to finish, so try and bring others into the conversation. This is a shared story, and everyone should have their chance to contribute.  Look for non-verbal clues from your fellow players looking for a way into a conversation.  For those looking to add something, let others finish before, jumping in.

3) Do not interrupt.
Please do not interrupt other players or the DM.  It’s important that the DM and the characters get their time to speak and finish their thoughts. In addition, it is hard for the audience to hear anything if there is cross talk. If you are not involved in the scene, please do not have side conversations.

In your home game there is no “audience” but there are still others at the table who want to hear what is going on.

4) Know where your character is.
If your character is not in a scene, please do not interrupt. If you have a reason to enter into the scene then come up with a creative way to join that stays in character.  It’s impolite to the other players and confusing for podcast listeners. If your character is doing something away from the other characters, you might not even be able to join another conversion.

5) Stay in Character
Stay in character as much as possible, including describing actions in your character’s voice.   This helps the audience (especially on the podcast version) keep track of who is who. A joke out of game is fine, as long as it’s not constantly pulling away from the story.  If you are doing a voice, stay in that voice.   The podcast audience has to keep track of four or five characters by voice alone.  Don’t give them another 4 or 5 voices to keep track of.

In our home game it helps keep everyone at the table immersed in the experience.  If we start joking out of game we never push our story forward.

6) Descriptions:
Please describe what you are doing in narrative form.   Instead of saying, “I cast firebolt”, say, “I conjure fiery energy in my hands and hurl a bolt of fire at the enemy.”  When we get a few rounds in to combat, this can be reduced greatly.  To “firebolt to the face!” or what have you.

It’s not necessary to act and describe how we see this world in a home game, but honestly that is why we play games to be someone else in an alternate world.  Get creative.

How would we describe this for the podcast listeners?

7) Be prepared.
Come to the table with all of your materials. Please unpack before the stream and pack up after the stream.  The microphones are sensitive.  The audience cannot hear the DM when you are moving and packing dice and other items.

There are no microphones in our home game but time is limited.  When players show up late and spend time looking for dice and pencils while the rest of us have been ready to play, it cuts down on everyone’s time at the table.

8) No food and potentially no drink.
Slurping and chewing loudly is distracting.  Again, those noises are very noticeable on stream and it interrupts the story.  For a home game, this might be irritating to your fellow players.  For a stream, it’s awful.

Off stream, I’ve had quite a few players handbooks and other items ruined by spilled food and drink.  Eating junk food is just as much a part of the DnD experience as dice and maps but we have to remember to keep it clean.

9) Try not to cover the money maker.  Hands in front of your face are really distracting for the audience. It can reduce the clarity of your voice.  Audio is the most important thing to a stream.

Not as important in the home game but everyone should be able to hear what you are saying.

10) Enunciate and do not mumble.
In General, speak clearly and do not mumble.  When creating a character, please consider their voice, and if they are to have any annoying affectations or flaws, it might turn off the audience.

This has been a point of conflict and we’ve had characters leave in order to keep the party balance.  On stream you think about what is good for the game table and the viewers.  At home we think about party balance and the cross over between what it means to be a good player and character.


We then get into some very specific streaming guidelines we have for Quests and Chaos.  Evey one one loves bonus guidelines.

11) The show open and close are important.
Please let the DM get through all of the messaging.  People and companies are kind enough to sponsor us.  Let’s respect the messaging process and thank the sponsors who contribute.

12) You are on camera almost the entire stream.
Just be aware of that.  Don’t chew your nails, pick your nose, or do other things you don’t want to the world to see.

13) We will take a break halfway through.
But if you need to use the bathroom, feel free to get up and move off camera.  Just don’t make a big deal of it.

14) Wardrobe
Please refrain from wearing copyright names and logos unless you have express written permission from the content creator for all forms of distribution.  Please refrain from wearing tight patterns or stripes. The cameras have a hard time resolving these patterns.

15) Please be in your seat 10 min prior to the start of the show.  We need to check audio and video framing before we begin.

Those are the 15 guidelines we have for streaming at Quests and Chaos.   What rules or guidelines do you have at your gaming table?

Chaos Agents | Ep 57 | Coming Down | Dungeons and Dragons 5e


DM | Thomas Koch | https://twitter.com/ThomasAKoch
UZO | Warren Reid | https://twitter.com/urbanmasque
REMY the Fox | Beau C. Williams | https://twitter.com/Beau_C_Williams
ANDRASTE | Tiana Hanson | https://twitter.com/Vana1895
RUKUS | Aaron Acosta | https://twitter.com/AaronAccosted

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Natural 1 | Ep 42 | Picking up The Pieces | Dungeons and Dragons 5e Homebrew


The party must make sense of the night’s activities. How will they proceed without Sen? Will exhaustion keep them from giving chase?

Beau Christian Williams | https://twitter.com/Beau_C_Williams
Aubri McCoy | https://twitter.com/AubriChan
James Aaron Oh | https://twitter.com/jamesaaronoh
Aaron Acosta | https://twitter.com/AaronAccosted
Lauren Flores | https://twitter.com/YvonneStLauren

Nord Games Discount and referral link: https://nordgamesllc.com/3.html Use Code “CHAOTIC20” for 20% off your order.

Dice Subscription by http://www.librisarcana.com
Use code “Chaos” at checkout for 20% off your order.

OpenForge Terrain 3D printed by the Quests and Chaos.

Be sure to tune in live at 7pm pst at http://www.twitch.tv/QuestsandChaos.

T-Shirts, Mugs, Pins, Coasters, and Flasks are available at https://questsandchaos.com/merch

Natural 1 | Ep 41 I The Road North | Dungeon and Dragons 5e


After safely leaving the city of Karama, the road north lies ahead, and fate is a relentless force. What lays in wait on the road to Lethania?

Beau Christian Williams | https://twitter.com/Beau_C_Williams
Aubri McCoy | https://twitter.com/AubriChan
James Aaron Oh | https://twitter.com/jamesaaronoh
Aaron Acosta | https://twitter.com/AaronAccosted
Lauren Flores | https://twitter.com/YvonneStLauren

Nord Games Discount and referral link: https://nordgamesllc.com/3.html Use Code “CHAOTIC20” for 20% off your order.

Dice Subscription by http://www.librisarcana.com
Use code “Chaos” at checkout for 20% off your order.

OpenForge Terrain 3D printed by the Quests and Chaos.

Be sure to tune in live at 7pm pst at http://www.twitch.tv/QuestsandChaos.

T-Shirts, Mugs, Pins, Coasters, and Flasks are available at https://questsandchaos.com/merch

Podcast Schedule and Updates


We have finally moved to a podcasting analytics and hosting platform, called Captivate.fm.  This allows us a lot more insight into our podcast metrics, listeners, and popularity of the podcasts.  It also has a wonderful feature allowing us to schedule their release.

Using her audio and editing skills, our wonderful Tiana has taken over publishing our podcasts.

Below you will find the Podcast Release Schedule of each of the podcasts.

Natural 1 – Saturday 8:00AM PST
Chaos Agents – Sunday at 8:00AM PST
Great Dane Society – Thursday at 8:00AM PST
Carbon 2185 – Friday 8:00AM PST (when in session)

You can find links to all of the major podcast services at https://questsandchaos.com/podcasts

If you enjoy the podcast, please consider sharing it with your friends, or recommending it on social media.  I often see tweets or Facebook posts asking for podcast or stream recommendations. If you enjoy our content, please consider recommending it.

Thank you!

Thanks to our community for supporting Paws and Stripes charity


Thank you to everyone one in our community who played games, donated time and money and supported our New Years Day charity stream for Paws and Stripes.

Massive Holiday Giveaway Featuring Nord Games and Gale Force Nine


Quests and Chaos, Nord Games, and Gale Force Nine have teamed up to give you an amazing RPG giveaway to at least 1 lucky winner. If we get over 500 entries we will draw 2 winners!  Like, tweet, subscribe, and share for more entries into the giveaway.  ENTER HERE!


Prizes include:

Nord Games Products: $145 Value!

2 Treasure Trove Decks (CR1-4 & CR 5-8) $30 Value
3 Wondering Monster Decks (Underground, Dungeon, Wilderlands) $45 Value
Ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde Hardcover book $40 Value
Critical Hit Deck for GMS $15 Value
Luck Deck $15 Value


Gale Force Nine Products $110 Value

Arcane Spell Cards Deck $25 Value
Cleric Spell Cards Deck $20 Value
Volo’s Guide to Monsters Monster Deck $20 Value
Mordekainen’s Tome of Foes Monster Deck $25 Value
Creature and NPC Cards $20 Value

Chaos at Origins Game Fair – June 12-16

Origins Game Fair Image, June 12th to the 16th

Join Thomas Koch as he DM’s Numenera and Cypher Systems for Monte Cook Games.  There are still seats open at some of his games.

June 12th, 4:00PM – Cypher Systems: Castaway
June 13th, 12:00PM – Numenera Trailblazer Trials
June 14th, 12:00PM – Numenera Trailblazer Trials

For the rest of the Con, Thomas will be awkwardly hanging around the awesome people at Nord Games, looking at the dealer room, and hanging out.