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The Deck of Inspiration 5e accessory
The Deck of Inspiration 5e accessory
The Deck of Inspiration 5e accessory
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Quests and Chaos Welcomes Inspiration Point

Quests & Chaos is excited to welcome Inspiration Point to the QnC Podcast Network!

What’s the point?! Inspiration Point is a friendly off-the-cuff weekly discussion of D&D, RPGs, or just games in general! Originally started in 2020 by Andrew Geertsen and Adam Power, Inspiration Point has covered homebrews, hero’s journeys, how-to-plays and so much more.

Now in July 2023, Inspiration Point launches its 5th Season, with Tiana Ren Hanson joining Adam as the series’ new co-host. Quests & Chaos is thrilled to welcome Inspiration Point into our network, and we hope our listeners will enjoy the show as much as we do!

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Children of Fear – Call of Chtulhu


Great Dane Society Banner


Ezra Denney – Keeper
Julie Hall – Helen Marin
Tiana Hanson – Gwendoline Watson
Thomas Koch – Dr. Dmitri Popovich
Amy Puzia – Hu Fang (G)
Nick Watros – Eugene, Decker

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Down Darker Trails – Call of Cthulhu


Great Dane Society Banner


Ezra Denney – Keeper
Julie Hall – Johanna Jones,
Tiana Hanson – Sussannah Deschain
Thomas Koch – Elias Jackson
Amy Puzia – Abe Froman Jr.
Nick Watros – Jared Rhinehard

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Masks of Nyarlothotep – Call of Cthulhu


The Great Dane Society Top Banner

The Great Dane Society plays through the iconic Masks of Nyarlothotep Call of Chulhu Campaign. This actual play podcast and livestream traverses the world in an attempt to save it from the evil gods.


Ezra Denney – Keeper
Amy Puzia – Emma (Constant)
Tiana Hanson – Alexandria Hartford (Constant)
Rebecca – Octavia Albridge
Sai – Lady Jezabel
Julie – Joan Lamm
Tom – Donal Concannon
Nick Watros – Sylvano Costa, Flint Thorncastle, Dr. Frank Hollister

Special Guests
Thomas Koch as Jackson Elias


Swords and Sages – Candlekeep Mysteries Actual Play Podcast


Swords and Sages Dungeons and Dragons Podcast Banner

Swords and Sages Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play Podcast and Livestream is DM’d by Tiana Ren Hanson and features a cast collected from our other shows.  Tiana strings together the unconnected adventures in Candlekeep Mysteries to create a story of these characters, each searching for their own goals.

Character artwork for Odila Analdi on Swords and Sages Candlekeep MysteriesLaura Domingo plays Odila Analdi, a human rogue searching for a very particular book, and stabbing other books that get in her way.








Dewey Demetitae Character ArtworkThomas Koch plays Dewey DeMetitae, a human wizard, abandoned by his parents in Candlekeep. Unlike any other wizard, he lived alone under the stairs (Actually, in secret room outside the main library).

His parents brought him here in their research to find a way to travel between planes.  Something went amiss and his parents and two traveling companions vanished, never to be seen again.  He grew up in the Library, learning spellcasting from various books and scrolls he could find.  To pay his way he worked as a porter for researches coming to the library.



Character Artwork for Les Moreover on Swords and Sages Candlekeep MysteriesEzra Denney plays Les Moreover, human(?) warlock, with a mother-in-law as a patron.  What could possibly go wrong?








Character artwork for Sabachthani MoreoverAlandra Hileman plays Dr. Sabacthani Moreover, a Tiefling Bard, with an unlimited bank account and a family to die for.








Wu Ya, a child wizard Character art in Swords and Sages Candlekeep MysteriesJames Aaron Oh plays Wu Ya, an 8 Year old with far more years of experience than the rest of us combined.

Natural 1 – Season 2


Natural 1 - Season 2 Show Banner featuring portraits of each character.

Natural 1 is a homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaign from Dungeon Master Beau Christian Williams.  It takes place in the world of Rasmorae, a world where magic is strictly enforced by the Mage Nation of Uslyium.

Or adventurers meet on a ship, when a massive hole tears open in the sky and glimpses of different words can be seen behind the massive Solar that emerges and flies off.  Shortly after this experience, the ship is attacked from underneath and destroyed.  A group of people wash up on the shores of the pirate island of Akupara.


DM – Beau Christian Williams
Sen – James Aaron Oh
Rhea – Kelly Olszewski
Natrix – Lauren Russo
Mehem – Aaron Acosta
Vivi – Laura Domingo

Mehem Gyro, Brass Dragonborn standing with his sword sheathed. Sen, 17 year old half elven bladesigner. Natrix the Tiefling Assassin
Vivi Character art Rhea Human Druid


Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis


SpellJammer: Light of Xaryxis Title

James Aaron Oh GMs this amazing cast of characters featuring the return our favorite Giff Paladin, Undar Pomo.  Undar and Yma Sumac, a shifter rogue, make a daring leap onto a ship as crystalline vines erupt from the dirt of Toril.

This happens to be a Spelljamming ship, which escapes the enveloping planet in the nick of time. Here Undar and Yma encounter Captain Elaina Sartell and Bertie Warsong, a Half-Orc Artificer.

It’s not long before the Xaryxian Empire boards the ship in the form of Astral Elf Beiran Ruahir, and a protocol droid named MD-8, both clerics.

It’s here where our adventurers set out to uncover who is behind this planet destroying plot and hopefully, save Toril from ultimate destruction.

James Aaron Oh HeadshotJames Aaron Oh Dungeon Masters this fast paced campaign, taking a traditional story and compressing the action for maxmium plot.








Headshot of Tasi AlabastroTasi Alabastro plays Beiran Ruahir, an Anstral Elf Cleric.

Tasi Alabastro is a multi-disciplinary artist, and flaneur. He has been featured in the SF Chronicle Datebook highlighting his efforts with local arts organizations and virtual programming. Professional credits include A Christmas Carol (A.C.T); Twelfth Night, musical adaptation (SF Playhouse); Every Brilliant Thing, VIETGONE, and Stupid F**king Bird (City Lights Theatre Company); Sisters Matsumoto (CenterRep). Alabastro is a recipient of the Leigh Weimers Emerging Artist Award and the SVCreates Emerging Artist Laureate. He is a senior company member of the Red Ladder Theatre Company, a nationally acclaimed, award-winning social justice theatre company. For extended bio, work, blog, and art visit Socials @tasialabastro. (He/Him/His).

Cast Member ChristyChristy Bauer plays Yma Sumac, a Shifter Rogue whose wedding was just crashed by the events that kick off Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis.








Matthew Bridges headshotMatthew Bridges plays MD-8, a mediation droid (warforged cleric.)

Matthew Bridges [he/him] is a multi-faceted performer and proud HAPA who has developed creative interests across various mediums. Notable film/tv credits include Agent Garret Hansen on State of Affairs (NBC), Hollywood Stargirl (Disney+), American Horror Story (FX), and Dave on Game Shakers (Nickelodeon). Matthew was most recently seen as Sergio Beltran on The Good Doctor (ABC) and heard in the hit horror podcast It Listens From The Radio. Recently achieving a personal bucket list goal, he was a panelist at San Diego Comic Con for his portrayal of Captain Hammer in the self-produced fan-film ‘Dr. Horrible’s Unofficial Sing Along Sequel.’

Thomas Koch HeadshotThomas Koch plays Undar Pomo, a naive Giff Paladin out to do good in the world.

Thomas Koch [he/him] is the Creative Director co-founded Quests & Chaos in 2018 as a way to bring his content creation and live streaming together with his love of tabletop gaming. Thomas runs Radium Pictures, a video production and live event production company in the San Francisco Bay Area.  As a producer and director of photography he creates corporate, commercial, and narrative content for top technology brands.

Thomas as a tabletop player brings a chaotic and sometimes endearing take to the characters he plays, from Undar Pomo, a Giff paladin out to do good in the world, to Sebastian, a cynical sorcerer who’s been ambushed too many times by bandits and brigands and has a “fireball first, ask questions later” mentality. He can be found nearly every week on Quests And Chaos!

Puja Tolton Plays Roberta “Bertie” Warsong, a Half-Orc Artificer with a habit of making strange devices.

Puja Tolton is a multi-disciplinary theatre artisan and visual artist based in the Bay Area. She has worked with local theatre companies such as Three Girls Theatre, Ragged Wing Ensemble, Quicksand Club, Liar Liar Theater, and the Moonrisers. Most recently, she performed in Awesome Theatre’s production of Terror-rama IV: in Space! as Captain Cassie Cane and Dickson. Their art has been featured in the Flight Deck Gallery and the Lottie Rose Art Gallery. You can check out their fantasy drama/comedy short film I Broke the Looking Glass on Awesome Theatre’s youtube channel as well as samples of her art on instagram (@ladypujington) or on tumblr (@pujington). (She/They)

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Deck of Inspiration


The Deck of Inspiration is a series of three or more card decks designed to enhance the 5e inspiration mechanic.  Instead of giving out simple advantage for great role play, the Deck of Inspiration rewards players with exciting and unique one time use boons.  These come in three varieties; Divine Inspiration, Potion, and Magic Item.

Turn a regular hit into a critical, Bull rush through enemies without provoking attacks of opportunity, or use your reaction to smack a wizard’s hands to interrupt a spell.


The deck is designed to be drawn at random when a player does something you want to reward. They role play their character’s weaknesses or bonds, they drop a pun that engulfs the table in laughter, or maybe they brought snacks.

Each deck features 55 cards with no more than two of each card. Some cards “level up” with boosted versions, and even more powerful versions in later decks.

Card Samples from the Deck of Inspiration

Order today at the Quests and Chaos Merch Store

Chaos Agents – Campaign 2


Chaos Agents - Murder in Port Thoria


Chaos Agents season 2 – Murder in Port Thoria features an eclectic group of individuals brought together to solve the murder of estranged tutor. Albey Parker seemed to die of old age, but the amount of espionage surrounding his house and new house owners seems strange.  These people find themselves in the middle of a strange and dynamic political situations.


DM – Thomas A. Koch
Isa Sangiovesi – Tiana Ren Hanson
Haldor (The Well endowed) – Beau Christian Williams
Bartholomew Bedlam- Aaron Acosta
Lolloch D’nai – Warren C. Reid
Lox – Matthew Bridges

Barry Bedlam, Human BarbarianAaron Acosta plays Bartholomew “Barry” Bedlam, Human Barbarian from the Wyvernspine Mountains.






Lox and Larxena Character PortraitMatthew Bridges plays Lox (and sometimes Larxena) is a changling Bard from the land of Khorvaire.






Isa Sangiovese character portraitTiana Hanson plays Isa Sangiovese hails from the far north city of Magehaven. Set on the outskirts of civilization, Magehaven features the Multiverse renowned magical school of the same name. Built deep into the realm of the wood elves, tensions have lasted over a century, since the first mages set foot on the plateau.




Lolloch D'nai character portraitWarren Reid plays Lolloch D’nai is a copper dragonborn from the city of Waterdeep on the sword coast. He was an orphan, brought up by Master Uzo of the Foxy Irregulars.





Haldor Haldorson Character Portrait






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Chaos Agents – Campaign 1


Chaos Agents Season 1 Show Banner


Chaos Agents started as a Waterdeep: Dragon Heist actual play stream. After finishing the campaign around episode 20, we transitioned into a homebrew campaign wrapping up the backstories of The Foxy Irregulars.

Featuring Dungeon Master Thomas Koch, Warren Reid, Beau C. Williams, Tiana Hanson, and Aaron Acosta.

After 96 episodes we have wrapped up the campaign, and are plotting our next mission with a new set of characters.

Check out Chaos Agents Campaign 2: Murder in Port Thoria!


Thomas Koch HeadshotThomas A. Koch is the GM for Chaos Agents, and Creative Director for Quests And Chaos. He is the creator of the Deck of Inspiration Third Party 5e Supplement. He is also Director and Showrunner for “The Underneath” podcast.






Ruckus Highborn character portraitAaron Acosta plays Ruckus Highborn, Human Fighter on the hunt for the people who murdered his family.






Andraste Nailo Character ArtTiana Hanson play Andraste Nailo, Elf Cleric.






Uzo character portraitWarren Reid plays Uzo, human warlock.






Remy the Fox Character ArtBeau Christian Williams plays Remy the Fox, halfling rogue.






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