Dragon of Icespire Peak Ep. 11 – Another Day Together

After adventuring a few days, the group decides to stay together. But with their pasts closing in, for how long?

Dragon of Icespire Peak Ep. 10 – The Stone Cold Reavers

In their last night together, our heroes now face a mysterious group of black clad mercenaries. One of which has killer eyes for Inqua.

Dragon of Icespire Peak Ep. 9 – Hero’s Requiem

After manticores, gnomes, and oozes, the party returns triumphant to Phandalin. But have they have brought back the weapons in time?

Dragon of Icespire Peak Ep. 8 – The Greater Good

With Nyx the gnome and her brother’s killer, Mimi the mimic, in tow, what could possibly go wrong as the party heads back to Phandalin?

Dragon of Icespire Peak Ep. 7 – Everyone Is Unintentionally Capable of Making a Great Explosion

Factore’s treachery revealed! And it’s because of… The War of the Silver Marches?

Dragon of Icespire Peak Ep. 6 – Family and Friends

One piece of Gnomengarde’s woes has been found, a mimic named Mimi. But who was the mastermind that lured this creature in?

Dragon of Icespire Peak Ep. 5 – Mysteries Whisper Truth

Mad queens, missing brothers, mushroom wine? The mysteries continue in Gnomengarde!

Dragon of Icespire Peak Ep. 4 – They’re Taking the Party to Gnomengarde

Off to Gnomengarde! A warren of 13ach9nes, 13ag93, and my19tery(?)!

Dragon of Icespire Peak Ep. 3 – That Which Lurks

As they rest, our adventurers should ask their dreams one question: What lurks in the temple of Abbathor, Dwarven God of Greed?

Dragon of Icespire Peak Ep 2 – Lick Your Wounds

The arrival of Cryovain has interrupted the festivities of Highharvestide. Will our adventurers survive till morning?

Mitten 8 – DarkVision Song Contest

Join Ezra as he runs a Battle of the Bards in D&D!

Dragon of Icespire Peak Ep 1 – Wheat and Rose. Early Frost.

Join James Aaron Oh as he takes a motley collection of PCs through the Dragon of Icespire Peak module. We start in the village of Phandalin for the Annual Harvestide Festival. These individuals take part in horse racing, wrestling, and attempting to avoid the town mayor.Find out what happens when a white dragon comes to […]

Rick and Morty Ep. 6 -The Finale: Rickvengence

Having found their way into the Tower, the Smith family comes to the final confrontation against Cypher. Join us for the finale of Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons and Dragons vs. Quests and Chaos!

Rick and Morty Ep. 5 – The Day of Peckoning is at Hand

Having talked their way into the tower, Rick and the Smith family (plus Meatface) are beginning to work their way through to find Cypher. Lots of twists and turns await them as they figure out the weird elevator!

Rick and Morty Ep. 4 – Rick Ruins Everything

After clearing the Rickmaculate House of the Writer and the goblins (except the two Jerry let escape) and getting some kickass magic items at the magic shop, the ragtag party is finishing a long rest in the time dilation inn. The Tower — and Cypher — awaits them.

Rick and Morty Ep. 3 – Paint the Town Rick

After clearing the Immaculate House, the party finds themselves trying to unwind Cypher’s influence on Rick’s world. Plus, shopping.

Rick and Morty Ep. 2 – The Rickmaculate House

Morty’s family is up to speed on what’s going on in the D&D world, and while none of them are very happy about being dragged into a Rick adventure, they know they have to deal with everything in order to get home. After a visit to the magic shop, where Summer “acquired” a +3 longbow, […]

Rick and Morty Ep. 1 – The Cynical Troll

Join Aaron as he DM’s his first ever game, channeling Rick Sanchez as he guides a group of hapless adventurers through a glorified fetch quest to get revenge on Rick’s enemy.

Mitten 7 – Virtuosity

In a new city, Urbz is looking to make some Wonlongs. So he falls back on his area of expertise, VR App making. Dev work is hard, finding test subjects, harder. Good thing people in this city are largely forlorn. He’ll put an ad out for beta testers, and wait to see who shows up.

Exalted Vales Ep. 2 – Race to the Surface

With Emma and Bryony desperate to reach the surface, the adventurers continue to the journey to the surface. Find out what natural and unnatural forces lay before them.

Exalted Vales Ep. 1 – The Gates of Lusan

We enter the world of the Exalted Vales in part one of our this two part series.

Mitten 6 – The Tower

Complete the trials. Ascend The Tower. Receive your wish. But with an unprecedented 2000 participants, will our players even survive the culling?

Mitten 5 – Wildemont

Join first time DM Amy Puzia as she pushes the Mitten a little more towards a one-shot.

Mitten 4 – Natural Disaster

Oliver has brought a group of adventurers together to battle some goblins, and maybe a major elemental.

Mitten 3 – Elemental Clash

Join GM Tiana Hanson as she runs the Natural 1 characters through an alternate universe Mitten, pitting them against elemental monsters as they struggle to save innocents.

Mitten 2 – Tyranny of Mittens

Join the Chaos Agents, plus Julie and Nick from Call of Cthulhu, as they battle their way through a box of Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures.

Stranger Things Ep. 2 – Hunt for the Thessalhydra

Awesome Sausome continues onward on their hunt for the Thessalhydra!

Mitten 1 – Quests and Chaos vs. Strahd von Zarovich

Members of Quests and Chaos take on a random box of DnD mini’s featuring Strahd von Zarovich in a Gauntlet Arena Battle we affectionately call “The Mitten”

Stranger Things Ep. 1 – Awesome Sausome

Join new DM Tiana Hanson as she runs an eclectic collection of Quests and Chaos players through the Stranger Things starter module!

Ghosts of Saltmarsh Ep. 9 – The Final_Final Enemy

Join our heroes as they take the plunge into the cold ocean water to continue their recon mission into the sahuagin threat to the Sword Coast!

Ghosts of Saltmarsh Ep. 6 – Danger at Dunwater

Having learned about the lizardfolk gathering weapons ten miles southwest of Saltmarsh, the Last Onion Brigade sets off for a diplomatic mission to discover why the folks in the swamp seem to be preparing for war. Is Saltmarsh the target?

Ghosts of Saltmarsh Ep. 7 – Diplomacy with Lizardfolk

Knowing what they know now, will the party stand with the lizardfolk against the sahuagin incursion?

Ghosts of Saltmarsh Ep. 8 – The Final Enemy

We join the Last Onion Brigade as they begin their infiltration into the sahuagin fortress, seeking information to relay back to the allied troops. Will they be able to make their way through and return to Saltmarsh in one piece?

Ghosts of Saltmarsh Ep. 5 – Secrets in the Hold

Having successfully taken the Sea Ghost from its previous owners, the Last Onion Brigade must now puzzle out what the ship’s mission is.

Ghosts of Saltmarsh Ep. 4 – Sea Ghost

Last time, our heroes investigated the haunted house outside Saltmarsh, seeking answers behind the paranormal events. After some shenanigans, they discovered that smugglers had taken over the house, using the caves below as a base of operations for moving goods around. They cleansed the house with sage and weaponry before returning to Saltmarsh with the […]

Ghosts of Saltmarsh Ep. 3 – Sea Caves

After searching the whole house and finding a man named Ned who claimed to be a victim of someone in the house, the team made their way down to the cellar and found a group of ne’er-do-wells who use the building as a base of operations. A fight broke out, and the team stands victorious […]

Ghosts of Saltmarsh Ep. 2 – Alchemical Secrets

Last episode, the players spent a lot of time interrogating kids and other townsfolk in Saltmarsh. The information was muddled at best, and the best they could do was realize that no one really knows what’s going on with the house. After some misadventures involving giant weasels, they have arrived at the house, and are […]

Ghosts of Saltmarsh Ep. 1 – A Sinister Secret

Join DM Tiana Hanson and a rotating cast as they play through the Ghosts of Saltmarsh modules! In this episode, members of the Last Chance Brigade come into Saltmarsh from Waterdeep to investigate a haunted house formerly occupied by a strange alchemist.