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Quests and Chaos Natural 1

Natural 1 is a more realistic take on Dungeons and Dragons in a world where magic is tightly controlled and rogue magic is punished severely.

The story follows a group formed on the ship, Angle’s Valor, when they were attacked by a huge Kraken as the sky split open and a celestial being entered the world. The group has been working to get back home after the ship wreck left them stranded on a pirate island.

Set in the world of Rasmorae, Beau C. Williams leads a group of adventurers through a gritty world where magic is heavily controlled, and no one is to be trusted.

Sen, 17 year old half elven bladesigner.

Sen, that’s it. No last name, that’s fine. Quick with a quip and even quicker with a shuffle of the cards, I’ve thrived by thinking smarter and faster than my opponents, and everyone is competition in some regard, no? Despite a frail constitution; I have the smoke of Berkshire to thank for that, I’ve been traveling the continents: absorbing different cultures and customs, learning new magics, making new “friends”. Who knows, maybe even change the world along the way.

Sen pdf character sheet

Mehem Gyro is an endearing and gentle-giant type of Dragonborn Paladin. Following his Oath of Redemption, he only seeks others who need Redemption from their evil ways and tries to help however he can. His kindness may be to a fault but it is admirable. He lives off of the kindness of others or whatever he can earn. All he wants is to lend a helping hand with a smile, always forgetting how sharp his teeth are. He’ll find those who will accept his help and if they can be Redeemed, you know, Mehem will be there. Hopefully this can makeup for his own past. *smiles bearing teeth.

Mehem pdf character sheet

Natrix the Tiefling Assassin

Natrix is a Tiefling Rogue, arrogant and confident, a charlatan assassin known as “The Demon”, working for the Karambit in the criminal underground. She has a rosy complexion, long green hair, deer antlers, pure gold eyes, and a lions tail. All matte black leather, a cropped leather corset with buckles and straps, long pants with ornate detailing and zippers, knee high high-heeled stiletto style boots with lots of buckles going all the way up, and long finger-less gloves with lace detailing around the hands, and armed with a Karambit dagger. Her amulet allows her to transform her appearance and is shown to be her most prized possession.
Her lack of fear and empathy make her good at her job, but she doesn’t have good people skills. She loves to drink and especially loves gambling while drunk. Overly sensual, yet not partaking in carnal desires.

Natrix pdf character sheet

Rhea Human Druid

Rhea Tarthean is a mistrusting young half-elf with a healthy distaste for authority and a restless streak as wild as her hair. She is pale, slender, and tall, with green, almost feral looking eyes and long, thick, black curly hair. A reluctant druid, Rhea keeps her abilities hidden and her hood up when possible, preferring to avoid unwanted attention. Many would describe her as “abrasive” in nature, but once she has decided you can be trusted, you can expect a steadfast friend with a unique brand of companionship. Her wild nature makes her particularly fond of drinking, fighting, and sneaking into just about anything she shouldn’t, purely because she can.

As a member of a nomadic tribe, Rhea spent most of her life traveling and has explored everywhere from rocky mountain tops, to thick forests, and barren wastes. Her restless streak ever growing, she soon deserted her tribe to continue her travels alone and began sailing the high seas in search of her father- both as a member of a crew, and as a stowaway. Her only clues to his whereabouts are faint memories of sailing stories, his love of the sea, and a mysterious Momento Mori – a golden coin stamped with a deaths head to serve as a reminder that death comes for all.

Rhea pdf character sheet

God Touched Half Elf Sorcerer

Maya is as mysterious as she is beautiful. A charismatic wanderer, she sees everything whether she makes that known to anyone but herself, but instead will bat an eye and make for intelligent conversation as long as it has nothing to do with her. Haunted by her mysterious past, she’s travelling to meet with a person who may have the key to her lost memories of her childhood.

Maya pdf character sheet

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