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Chaos Agents WaterDeep Dragon Heist Podcast

Chaos Agents started as a Waterdeep: Dragon Heist actual play stream. After finishing the campaign, we transitioned into a homebrew campaign wrapping up the backstories of The Foxy Irregulars. After 96 episodes we have wrapped up the campaign, and are plotting our next mission with a new set of characters. Featuring Dungeon Master Thomas Koch, Warren Reid, Beau C. Williams, Tiana Hanson, and Aaron Acosta.

Join us this week for a journey up and down the Sword Coast and far off into the new world of Daralyn.
Join us this week as the Foxy Irregulars approach the great Library of Candlekeep. What will they find beyond those walls?
On their way our of Baldur’s Gate, TFI head south to Candlekeep to seek more information about Bahamut, and what their plans should be. But do they have the requirements to get in the exclusive library?
Join us as we find out who else is working for Dendar/Bahamut and what lies ahead for the Foxy Irregulars.
Rukus is still reeling from the aftermath of his revenge, but the Foxy Irregulars don’t have time to stop moving. The open sea awaits, once they’ve wrapped up the last of their business in Baldur’s Gate.
With the path before them taking them on the sea once more, what will become of Remy’s newfound family? With they part ways once again, or will the Irregular Phoenix get two more passengers?
With battle of the Cult of Mammon at a close, and answers unfulfilling, what will Rukus do with his anger issues?
The Foxy Irregulars got the drop on the cultists, nearly interrupting whatever ritual they were a part of. Join us to find out if they can stop the Cult, or if the Beast will destroy them.
The three colonists and lone crew member continue working their way through ARK 105, trying to figure out what happened to the ship and the people inside. As Cas’s memories unfold, the true horror of what lies before the group starts to become apparent.
The colonists and crew of ARK 105 were supposed to remain in cryosleep until their arrival on the new colony world. But something went wrong, and three colonists find themselves awake and exploring the damaged ship with a wounded crew member. What happened to the ship? How was the crew member wounded? Why are the...