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Chaos Agents WaterDeep Dragon Heist Podcast

Chaos Agents started as a Waterdeep: Dragon Heist actual play stream. After finishing the campaign, we transitioned into a homebrew campaign wrapping up the backstories of The Foxy Irregulars. After 96 episodes we have wrapped up the campaign, and are plotting our next mission with a new set of characters. Featuring Dungeon Master Thomas Koch, Warren Reid, Beau C. Williams, Tiana Hanson, and Aaron Acosta.

“The Foxy Irregulars finish their sewer battle with the Xanathar aligned Half-Orc Wizard, while the Mind Flayer escapes through a portal. Returning Floon to the Yawning Portal, Volo offers a grande tavern, in exchange for their current contract.”
“Fox Machina (Soon to be known and the Foxy Irregulars) continue their search for Floon Blagmarr. They rescued Lord Ranaer Neverember (Neverremember?) from Xanathar Kenku including a bad little bird, Kiri the Kenku.”
Remy the fox, an urban bounty hunter stalks a blind human male, and discovers it was all a set up.