Ep. 89 – The Depths of the Deep

Join us, as TFI head out into the open waters of the Trackless sea and we find out what lucks beneath the depths.

Ep. 88 – Waterdeep and Deep Water

The Foxy Irregulars return to Waterdeep to wrap up their business before they launch into the new world. Shopping, roleplaying, and stories ensue!

Ep. 87 – Ocean Voyage

Join us this week for a journey up and down the Sword Coast and far off into the new world of Daralyn.

Ep. 86 – The Library

Join us this week as the Foxy Irregulars approach the great Library of Candlekeep. What will they find beyond those walls?

Ep. 85 – A Missing Tome

On their way our of Baldur’s Gate, TFI head south to Candlekeep to seek more information about Bahamut, and what their plans should be. But do they have the requirements to get in the exclusive library?

Ep. 84 – The Truth about Dendar

Join us as we find out who else is working for Dendar/Bahamut and what lies ahead for the Foxy Irregulars.

Ep. 83 – The Waiting Weary Traveler

Rukus is still reeling from the aftermath of his revenge, but the Foxy Irregulars don’t have time to stop moving. The open sea awaits, once they’ve wrapped up the last of their business in Baldur’s Gate.

Ep. 82 – A Weary Traveler

With the path before them taking them on the sea once more, what will become of Remy’s newfound family? With they part ways once again, or will the Irregular Phoenix get two more passengers?

Ep. 81 – An Emptiness in Rukus’ Soul

With battle of the Cult of Mammon at a close, and answers unfulfilling, what will Rukus do with his anger issues?

Ep. 80 – Ruckvengence

The Foxy Irregulars got the drop on the cultists, nearly interrupting whatever ritual they were a part of. Join us to find out if they can stop the Cult, or if the Beast will destroy them.

Cthulhu in Space Ep 3 – It’s Worse Than We Thought

The three colonists and lone crew member continue working their way through ARK 105, trying to figure out what happened to the ship and the people inside. As Cas’s memories unfold, the true horror of what lies before the group starts to become apparent.

Cthulhu in Space Ep 2 – Bad Things Happen in Space

The colonists and crew of ARK 105 were supposed to remain in cryosleep until their arrival on the new colony world. But something went wrong, and three colonists find themselves awake and exploring the damaged ship with a wounded crew member. What happened to the ship? How was the crew member wounded? Why are the […]

Cthulhu in Space Ep 1 – Nothing Bad Ever Happens In Space

A Call of Cthulhu story set in a future, when humans are venturing out beyond our solar system and into the unknown. Follow GM Tom Ogas as he takes the Chaos Agents on a story that includes mystery, insanity, and deep revelations about the universe that no human should ever be forced to find out.

Ep. 79 – Further Down the Spiral

Up is ice cold. But where is else is there to go? Down? Where’s down?

Ep. 77 – The Raid

Join the Foxy Irregulars as they descend on the Von Keene Estate to avenge the dead of Rukus’s family.

Ep. 76 – The Devil’s in the Details

As the Foxy Irregulars pass through Baldur’s Gate into the upper city, they have to find the disguises to blend in with high society.

Ep. 75 – The Past, the Present, the Future?

Join us as we find out what happens when Remy meets his lost love (whom he abandoned), and Asmodeus has their mission briefing.

Ep. 74 – The Real Baldur’s Gate

The Foxy Irregulars have finally reached Baldur’s Gate, and revenge is back on the menu. Things can’t be that simple though, can they?

Ep. 73 – Baldur’s Gate

After traversing the Sword Coast, the Foxy Irregulars find themselves in the city of Baldur’s Gate. What will happen when the Cult of Asmodeus comes calling?

Ep. 72 – Let’s Get It On

Join us tonight as forest creatures investigate the two invaders, and see what happens when half the party dies.

BS1 – Questions and Answers

Join us this week as we BS our way through 3 hours of streaming. Talking to you guys, talking to each other, and taking a much-needed break.

Ep. 71 – Downtime Activity

The Foxy Irregulars have survived their ocean journey, defeating Pirates, Sharks, a Ghost, Hippo Men, and storms. With Barden Thorne rescued, they find themselves relaxing in the resort town of Saltmarsh.

Ep. 70 – The Virus Within

Uzo is the Virus Within. What do you do when one party member keeps making the same mistake over and over, and is a horrible and destructive force in the party?

Ep. 69 – Barden’s Thorn

Join us tonight, to find out the fate of Barden Thorn and Captain Colton. What will happen to the Chimera now that Colton is dethroned?

Ep. 68 – All or Nothing

Boarding their small dinghy rigged with the Decanter of Endless Water, the Foxy Irregulars make a foolhardy attempt at traversing the open ocean. The odds are not in their favor, and might spell the end of the Foxy Irregulars. Will they even make it to Saltmarsh at all? If they do, get ready for an […]

Ep. 67 – Up In Flames

We begin the episode in initiative, the ship is on fire, taking water, and the repercussions of the explosion are not yet resolved. The fate of the Irregular Phoenix is unknown, and this might be the end of the journey for our heroes.

Ep. 66 – An Unexpected Enemy

Jif or Gif? Giff? Space Faring Military Hippo people use a hard G. Come and find out what happens when Uzo calls them Jif.

Ep. 65 – Detecting Evil

Fueled by Uzo’s dream, a fog bank engulfed the Irregular Phoenix, and when dispelled, a small dinghy hit the ship, bringing with it a Dinghy Ghost! How will they deal with this new threat?

Ep. 64 – Deals with Devils

Join us this week, to find out what really happened to Malcom Quinn and what the next deal might be.

Ep. 63 – The High Seas

We pick up the action with Uzo leaping into the sea after Rukus, and Irregular Phoenix still in range of the island’s armaments. Will the ship be smashed to bits, or will they make it out alive?

Ep. 62 – The Docks on Electrum

The Foxy Irregulars bring their ship into the docks of Electrum, hoping their deal won’t go sour. What will happen if it does?

Ep 61 – The Grand Hotel

Join us this week to find out if Thomas drops boulders on top of the Foxy Irregulars for their past mistakes.

Ep 60 – The Sea Awaits

With death and destruction following The Foxy Irregulars, will they head to sea, or will they dilly-dally in Waterdeep some more?

Ep. 59 – Electrum

After fighting off devils on their ship, the Foxy Irregulars return to Waterdeep to locate their missing crew members, Jensen and Barry. Their search leads them to the Skewered Dragon, where the City Watch is handling a terrifying crime.

Ep. 58 – Revealed

The Foxy Irregulars split up and Uzo falls down.

Ep. 57 – Coming Down

Fate or Godly intervention has seemingly brought The Foxy Irregulars together for some larger purpose. How will their mission change with this new information?

Tyranny of Mitten

Join, the Chaos Agents, plus Julie and Nick from Call of Cthulhu as they battle their way through a box of Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures.

Ep. 56 | Dancing in the Dark

With the Autumn Solstice upon them, Andraste leads the Foxy Irregulars into the woods to dance the night away.

Ep.55 | Waterdeep and Deep Water

“The Foxy Irregulars return to Waterdeep to gather supplies, before heading off the Island of Electrum to free Trace’s friend from the Cult of Mammon.”

Ep.54 | New Information

The Foxy Irregulars have made their way through the Winding Way, and find themselves in the treasure room of the Cult of Mammon. What secrets lay in wait for them?

Ep.53 | Winding Down

“The Foxy Irregulars and thier new colleague Trace continue further down the winding way, a maze full of traps and monsters protecting something very important. We welcome our special guest Jeannine from Total Party Chill.”

Ep.52 | The Winding Way

“Amy opens the first hour with a Q and A session while Thomas is in traffic. TFI have just discovered a secret door with necromancy magic emenating from behind it.  Someone calls out from ouside the abbey ruins. We welcome our special guest Jeannine from Total Party Chill.”

Ep.51 | The Abbey Ruins

“The Foxy Irregulars have made it to the Isle of the Abbey. What could possibly valuable enough inside the abbey to lose a ship over?”

Ep.50 | The Man with 3 Gold Teeth

“The Foxy Irregulars head out to meet Major Ursa, the lighthouse operator for the Guild of Octopeers.  Make a Wisdom save.”

Ep.49 | The New Voyage

“Last Week the Foxy Irregulars solved the crime wave in Waterdeep and are free to set sail and bring chaos to the high seas.”

Ep.48 | Conspiracy Fact

“With the help of Rosemay The Foxy Irregulars defeated the Rogue Damon Linedelof. But how did he use the Teleporation Circle and what is around the corner?”

Ep.47 | An Old Friend

“A loud thump emerges from the teleportation room. What monstrosity could emerge to help or hinder The Foxy Irregulars?.”

Ep.46 | Skullport

“With the help of Bunny the Bugbear, The Foxy Irregulars make it down to Skullport.  There appears to a number of reaons Lindelof needs to be found and dealt with.”

Ep.45 | Down

“With the help of Bunny the Bugbear, The Foxy Irregulars make it down to Skullport. But where to they start in their search for Damon Lindelof.”

Ep.44 | Not Vampires!

“The Foxy Irregulars figure out the “vampires” they have just killed, are in fact, not vampires.”

Ep.43 | Vampires!

“The party prepares to head back into the Mad Mages Dungeon to clear out a Vampire nest.”

Ep.42 | Undermountain

“The Foxy Irregulars search Undermountain for the entrace to Skullport and the Xanathar Hideout.”

Ep.41 | Conspiracy Theory

“The Foxy Irregulars have found Waterdeep to be in a worse shape than they left it.  Will they stay to clean up the mess, or head to the open ocean for more adventure?”

Ep.40 | Back in Waterdeep

“This week on Chaos Agents the party goes shopping. Andraste buys healing potions, Uzo buys the cape of the mountebank and Remy gets a potion of growth. None of us wants to see that. Rumors are shared with the group by Barnibus. The splinter branch of the Zhentarim is behind the recent Xanathar murders and Davil is now […]

Ep.39 | Death In Daggerford

“The Foxy Irregulars make their way back to Daggerford and their ship. Where are Alacrity and Steadfast? Who’s this guy on the road? Will a new offer be accepted?”

Ep.38 | Isle of the Abbey

“The Foxy Irregulars make their way back to Daggerford and their ship. Where are Alacrity and Steadfast? Who’s this guy on the road?”

Ep.37 | Fame and Misfortune

“The Foxy Irregulars make their way back to Daggerford and their ship. Where are Alacrity and Steadfast? Who’s this guy on the road? Will a new offer be accepted?”

Ep.36 | A New Day, A New Offer

“The Foxy Irregulars make their way back to Daggerford and their ship. Where are Alacrity and Steadfast? Who’s this guy on the road? Will a new offer be accepted?”

Ep.35 | The High Elves

“The Foxy Irregulars have closed the portal to Yertus’ home plane, and destroyed the Blight Lich and its Phylactery, cleansing the forest of the blight. What happens when they finally meet the High Elves or the Northern Forest?”

Ep.34 | The Green Chamber

“The Foxy Irregulars and Grumble have just defeated the Blight Lich (From Nord Games Ultimate Bestiary: The Dreaded Accursed) and now have to deal with the real power behind the blight. But their nemesis (a Door) stand in their way.”

Ep.33 | The Lich Awaits

“Andraste and the Foxy Irregulars face off with the entity responsible for corrupting the forest. They know she is a lich, and they know she is powerful, but they don’t know exactly what they will face.”

Ep.32 | The Swamp

“The Foxy Irregulars continue their journey towards the mountain, while the forest around them turns to a swamp.”

Ep.31 | Trudging Ahead

“The Foxy Irregulars are headed towards the mountain, and the forest turns progressively worse.”

Q and A Session with Chaos Agents

“With Thomas out on a production gig, Beau leads the Chaos Agents and Natural 1 on a Question and Answer session.”

Ep.30 | Answers

“With an Orc Druid in custody, TFI are looking for answers. The real question however, is “Does anyone Speak Orc?”

Ep.29 | Returning Home

“Andraste returns to her village ready to fight her past and lay her ancestors to rest.. What horrors await the Foxy Irregulars in the Nailo Village?”

Ep.28 | Into the Fire

“The dead are rising from their graves, and the forest is destroying itself, leaving a deadly mist behind. Can TFI survive long enough to find out exactly who or what is behind this destruction.”

Ep.27 | Into the Woods

“The Foxy Irregulars head into the high forest, to find the evil that lies within.”

Ep.26 | Discoveries

“The Foxy Irregulars, along with Grumble, and two Ogres are on the trail of an Orc army rampaging across Faerun.”

Ep.25 | The Enemy

“The Foxy Irregulars on the trail of the Orcs responsible for the destruction of Joulkoun. What happens when they find each other?”

Ep.24 | Farmland

“The Orcs are on the move, attacking villages and farms near the high forest. Will the Foxy Irregulars outfox an Army?”

Ep.23 | Who’s Uzo

“The repairs on the ship have begun and the team must spend the next day or so in Daggerford. They still need to find out where Uzo went off to.”

Ep.22 | The Search for Uzo

“The Foxy Irregulars arrive in Daggerford, and encouner the locals. Remy buys a ship, and no one, for some reason cares that Uzo is missing.”

Ep.21 | The Road Less Traveled

The Foxy Irregulars travel to Daggerford, after just surviving an ambush in the night by two angry hill giants. Will their second night in the wild prove to be just as treacherous. Join Special Guest Chris Haskins from Nord Games to find out!

Ep.20 | The Calm Before the Storm

The Foxy Irregulars spend a tenday getting used to their new lifestyle, but are interrupted by those looking for handouts.

Ep.19 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Opening Night

The Foxy Irregulars have returned the 500,000 Dragons to the City of Waterdeep. Will the tavern be ready for opening night?

Ep.18 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Vault of Dragons

“Uzo has a day of discovery.  Later, The Foxy Irregulars find their way into the Vault of Dragons.”

Ep.17 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Into Darkness

“The Foxy Irregulars return to the Irregular Tavern to rest, only to find an enemy in their midst.”

Ep.16 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Change of Plans

“The Foxy Irregulars deal with the aftermath of their murderous escapades in the streets.”

Ep.15 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Chaos in the Streets

“Facing off against the devil’s the Foxy Irregulars get into some serious trouble.”

Ep.14 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | The Path

“The Foxy Irregulars are finally on the Path to finding who their main rival is with the Stone of Galore.”

Ep.13 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Dark Times

“The Foxy Irregulars have just slaughtered the WereRat gang and have fled the scene.  Will Remy be cured? With they all hang from the gallows?”

Ep.12 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Open For Business

“The Foxy Irregulars prepare for a Ultimate chef challenge featuring Massaged Octopus, and Cheese as the ingredients. They find Barnibus Blastwind in the north ward, and head to Castle Waterdeep to interrogate Urstul Floxin.”

Ep.11 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Gralhund Villa

“Heading into the 2nd floor of the Gralhund Villa, the Foxy Irregulars make a deal with the Gralhunds.”

Ep.10 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Competition

“The Foxy Irregulars head to Frewn’s Brews and encounter the Tavern Competition.  They also run into the Wererat that cursed Remy.”

Ep.9 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Aftermath

“After the Mysterious Explosion, The Foxy Irregulars head off in search of the Niblewright.”

Ep.8 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Furry Friends

“The Foxy Irregulars, along with the help of a mysterious elf covered in bandages, roots out an undead creature from the Golat Towers.”

Ep.7 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Two Towers

“The Foxy Irregulars, along with the help of a mysterious elf covered in bandages, roots out an undead creature from the Golat Towers.”

Ep.6 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Darkness of Night

“The Foxy Irregulars set their plan to catch the elf killer into motion. There’s only one problem, Uzo has gone to see on some things.”

Ep.5 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Task Management

“The Foxy Irregulars head to Undercliff to investiage an animated Scarecrow. For their reward, Jeryth Phaulkon restored the eyes of Uzo. However, his sight remains what it was.”

Ep.4 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Factions

“The Foxy Irregulars continue decorating their new abode, then proceed to meet with Yagra at the Yawning Portal.”

Ep.3 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Trollskull Alley

“The Foxy Irregulars finish their sewer battle with the Xanathar aligned Half-Orc Wizard, while the Mind Flayer escapes through a portal. Returning Floon to the Yawning Portal, Volo offers a grande tavern, in exchange for their current contract.”

Ep.2 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Finding Floon

“Fox Machina (Soon to be known and the Foxy Irregulars) continue their search for Floon Blagmarr. They rescued Lord Ranaer Neverember (Neverremember?) from Xanathar Kenku including a bad little bird, Kiri the Kenku.”

Ep.1 | Waterdeep Dragon Heist | Crime and Punishment

Remy the fox, an urban bounty hunter stalks a blind human male, and discovers it was all a set up.