Ep. 15 – The Raid Part 3: Burning Chrome

The crew has successfully infiltrated the tower, and are navigating through the levels of a compound that the will lead them to its leader…who is clearly expecting them.

Ep. 14 – The Raid: Part 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Allied with the Emperor, the team sets off back to Tokyo tasked with one simple job: Remove Kana from the seat of power in his own fortress.

Ep. 13 – The Raid

The team finds Kaito and his cargo in an isolated fortified former reactor hosted by the Emperor. In this serene environment outside the city, they believe to be a sanctuary but find out it is a staging area for an assault.

Ep. 12 – Monium “Johnny” Mnemonic

The crew has escaped from the Kumate with their lives, and now must search Monium’s memory for clues on Kaito & Urbzs’ whereabouts.

Ep. 11 – The Demolition Man

Reunited with Monium underground, the team must fight their way through a murderous game with several obstacles. Above ground, the gang’s success is making them famous…or infamous.

Ep. 10 – The Running Man

Trapped below ground in a gang hideout searching for their friend, the team is now forced to play a game they weren’t prepared for.

Ep 9 – Love, Death, and Robots

With a Monium in tow, but still not THE Monium, the team infiltrates the Kagemi Boys hideout and finds out that the building, as well as the conspiracy, goes deeper than anyone imagined.

Ep. 8 – Tokyo Drifts

On the hunt for Monium, Urbz, and Kaito, the team gets a clue as to where they should start their investigation. No one should be surprised to find that the clue leads to the darkest portions of Tokyo’s Underworld.

Ep. 7 – Hard Reset

The gang ventures back to a familiar place in an unfamiliar location, only to discover that this side of the globe is just as volatile as the other side of the pond.

Ep 6. – Frisco’s Finest

The crew has to extract their target from a secure facility, while sabotaging the data kept inside. All while driving a food truck.

Ep. 5 – Song Bird

The team reaches out to an old friend of Urbz’s in order to get their newest batch of refugees off of Earth. In the process they make a beautifully grim discovery about a Villanueve synth, codenamed “Song Bird”.Dejah has been cast out of the Thunder Butterflies and the team is front page news after letting […]

Ep. 4 – Interlinked

The gang infiltrates Villanueva Robotics, a synth manufacturing plant, with the hopes that they can secure a valuable data core. What they discover is more than they were ready to download.

Ep. 3 – Do Synths Dream of Electric Sheep?

Since they’re the only humans he can trust, Monium gets the gang back together to help him broker a deal to help his cause. Helping Synths to leave Earth makes him an unlikely leader, and target.

Carbon 2185 | Breaking News: Synth Rage, Gang Violence & Oppa’s Hostile Takeover

The events of Episode 2 were hard to keep a lid on, especially since the entire planet is interconnected. Its good thing for our adventurers that the news cycle turns over so quickly in 2185 that people have very little time to care about whats happening in the world around them. Tune into Channel Z451 […]

Ep. 2 – Reluctant Homecoming

After discovering the what the high-value package was, it is now the groups’ contractual obligation to get it to Mars in one piece! Mars is a long way from home, and it is not exactly the most inviting environment… but Mars is only half of the team’s problems right now. Getting there in one piece, […]

D@nk’s Voicemail

The SF based paparazzi have noticed the absence of Trillionaire playboy “D@nk” from the Bay Area party scene. Known for his larger than life style and grandiose displays, it is uncharacteristically concerning that he hasn’t been seen in a few weeks. He’s the type of person who gets paid for his appearances, because if Dank’s […]

Ep. 1 – Distorted Reality

The story begins in San Francisco and takes the rag-tag allies through the city as they attempt to recover and return a “high-value package” being held by the Wan Chai in their hideout. Join us on this brand new campaign, and discover this futuristic cyberpunk world and demonstrate how much SF has turned into a […]

Ep.2 | Invisible Enemies

The Great Dane Society continues their voyage across the sea. Will they uncover the secrets of the mysterious stowaway, and why is everyone armed?