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The Deck of Inspiration 5e accessory
The Deck of Inspiration 5e accessory
The Deck of Inspiration 5e accessory
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Natural 1 – Season 2

Natural 1 Season 2 - Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play Podcast and Livestream

Natural 1 - Season 2 Show Banner featuring portraits of each character.

Natural 1 is a homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaign from Dungeon Master Beau Christian Williams.  It takes place in the world of Rasmorae, a world where magic is strictly enforced by the Mage Nation of Uslyium.

Or adventurers meet on a ship, when a massive hole tears open in the sky and glimpses of different words can be seen behind the massive Solar that emerges and flies off.  Shortly after this experience, the ship is attacked from underneath and destroyed.  A group of people wash up on the shores of the pirate island of Akupara.


DM – Beau Christian Williams
Sen – James Aaron Oh
Rhea – Kelly Olszewski
Natrix – Lauren Russo
Mehem – Aaron Acosta
Vivi – Laura Domingo

Mehem Gyro, Brass Dragonborn standing with his sword sheathed. Sen, 17 year old half elven bladesigner. Natrix the Tiefling Assassin
Vivi Character art Rhea Human Druid



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