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Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis

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SpellJammer: Light of Xaryxis Title

James Aaron Oh GMs this amazing cast of characters featuring the return our favorite Giff Paladin, Undar Pomo.  Undar and Yma Sumac, a shifter rogue, make a daring leap onto a ship as crystalline vines erupt from the dirt of Toril.

This happens to be a Spelljamming ship, which escapes the enveloping planet in the nick of time. Here Undar and Yma encounter Captain Elaina Sartell and Bertie Warsong, a Half-Orc Artificer.

It’s not long before the Xaryxian Empire boards the ship in the form of Astral Elf Beiran Ruahir, and a protocol droid named MD-8, both clerics.

It’s here where our adventurers set out to uncover who is behind this planet destroying plot and hopefully, save Toril from ultimate destruction.

James Aaron Oh HeadshotJames Aaron Oh Dungeon Masters this fast paced campaign, taking a traditional story and compressing the action for maxmium plot.








Headshot of Tasi AlabastroTasi Alabastro plays Beiran Ruahir, an Anstral Elf Cleric.

Tasi Alabastro is a multi-disciplinary artist, and flaneur. He has been featured in the SF Chronicle Datebook highlighting his efforts with local arts organizations and virtual programming. Professional credits include A Christmas Carol (A.C.T); Twelfth Night, musical adaptation (SF Playhouse); Every Brilliant Thing, VIETGONE, and Stupid F**king Bird (City Lights Theatre Company); Sisters Matsumoto (CenterRep). Alabastro is a recipient of the Leigh Weimers Emerging Artist Award and the SVCreates Emerging Artist Laureate. He is a senior company member of the Red Ladder Theatre Company, a nationally acclaimed, award-winning social justice theatre company. For extended bio, work, blog, and art visit Socials @tasialabastro. (He/Him/His).

Cast Member ChristyChristy Bauer plays Yma Sumac, a Shifter Rogue whose wedding was just crashed by the events that kick off Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis.








Matthew Bridges headshotMatthew Bridges plays MD-8, a mediation droid (warforged cleric.)

Matthew Bridges [he/him] is a multi-faceted performer and proud HAPA who has developed creative interests across various mediums. Notable film/tv credits include Agent Garret Hansen on State of Affairs (NBC), Hollywood Stargirl (Disney+), American Horror Story (FX), and Dave on Game Shakers (Nickelodeon). Matthew was most recently seen as Sergio Beltran on The Good Doctor (ABC) and heard in the hit horror podcast It Listens From The Radio. Recently achieving a personal bucket list goal, he was a panelist at San Diego Comic Con for his portrayal of Captain Hammer in the self-produced fan-film ‘Dr. Horrible’s Unofficial Sing Along Sequel.’

Thomas Koch HeadshotThomas Koch plays Undar Pomo, a naive Giff Paladin out to do good in the world.

Thomas Koch [he/him] is the Creative Director co-founded Quests & Chaos in 2018 as a way to bring his content creation and live streaming together with his love of tabletop gaming. Thomas runs Radium Pictures, a video production and live event production company in the San Francisco Bay Area.  As a producer and director of photography he creates corporate, commercial, and narrative content for top technology brands.

Thomas as a tabletop player brings a chaotic and sometimes endearing take to the characters he plays, from Undar Pomo, a Giff paladin out to do good in the world, to Sebastian, a cynical sorcerer who’s been ambushed too many times by bandits and brigands and has a “fireball first, ask questions later” mentality. He can be found nearly every week on Quests And Chaos!

Puja Tolton Plays Roberta “Bertie” Warsong, a Half-Orc Artificer with a habit of making strange devices.

Puja Tolton is a multi-disciplinary theatre artisan and visual artist based in the Bay Area. She has worked with local theatre companies such as Three Girls Theatre, Ragged Wing Ensemble, Quicksand Club, Liar Liar Theater, and the Moonrisers. Most recently, she performed in Awesome Theatre’s production of Terror-rama IV: in Space! as Captain Cassie Cane and Dickson. Their art has been featured in the Flight Deck Gallery and the Lottie Rose Art Gallery. You can check out their fantasy drama/comedy short film I Broke the Looking Glass on Awesome Theatre’s youtube channel as well as samples of her art on instagram (@ladypujington) or on tumblr (@pujington). (She/They)

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