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Chaos Agents – Campaign 2

Chaos Agents Campaign 2 - Murder in Port Thoria Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play Podcast and Livestream.

Chaos Agents - Murder in Port Thoria


Chaos Agents season 2 – Murder in Port Thoria features an eclectic group of individuals brought together to solve the murder of estranged tutor. Albey Parker seemed to die of old age, but the amount of espionage surrounding his house and new house owners seems strange.  These people find themselves in the middle of a strange and dynamic political situations.


DM – Thomas A. Koch
Isa Sangiovesi – Tiana Ren Hanson
Haldor (The Well endowed) – Beau Christian Williams
Bartholomew Bedlam- Aaron Acosta
Lolloch D’nai – Warren C. Reid
Lox – Matthew Bridges

Barry Bedlam, Human BarbarianAaron Acosta plays Bartholomew “Barry” Bedlam, Human Barbarian from the Wyvernspine Mountains.






Lox and Larxena Character PortraitMatthew Bridges plays Lox (and sometimes Larxena) is a changling Bard from the land of Khorvaire.






Isa Sangiovese character portraitTiana Hanson plays Isa Sangiovese hails from the far north city of Magehaven. Set on the outskirts of civilization, Magehaven features the Multiverse renowned magical school of the same name. Built deep into the realm of the wood elves, tensions have lasted over a century, since the first mages set foot on the plateau.




Lolloch D'nai character portraitWarren Reid plays Lolloch D’nai is a copper dragonborn from the city of Waterdeep on the sword coast. He was an orphan, brought up by Master Uzo of the Foxy Irregulars.





Haldor Haldorson Character Portrait






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