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The Deck of Inspiration 5e accessory
The Deck of Inspiration 5e accessory
The Deck of Inspiration 5e accessory
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Chaos Agents – Campaign 1

Chaos Agents Campaign 1 Waterdeep Dragon Heist Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play Podcast and Livestream.

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Chaos Agents started as a Waterdeep: Dragon Heist actual play stream. After finishing the campaign around episode 20, we transitioned into a homebrew campaign wrapping up the backstories of The Foxy Irregulars.

Featuring Dungeon Master Thomas Koch, Warren Reid, Beau C. Williams, Tiana Hanson, and Aaron Acosta.

After 96 episodes we have wrapped up the campaign, and are plotting our next mission with a new set of characters.

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Thomas Koch HeadshotThomas A. Koch is the GM for Chaos Agents, and Creative Director for Quests And Chaos. He is the creator of the Deck of Inspiration Third Party 5e Supplement. He is also Director and Showrunner for “The Underneath” podcast.






Ruckus Highborn character portraitAaron Acosta plays Ruckus Highborn, Human Fighter on the hunt for the people who murdered his family.






Andraste Nailo Character ArtTiana Hanson play Andraste Nailo, Elf Cleric.






Uzo character portraitWarren Reid plays Uzo, human warlock.






Remy the Fox Character ArtBeau Christian Williams plays Remy the Fox, halfling rogue.






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