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Last Week on Quests and Chaos

On Rick N Morty Vs D&D KiwiSanctuary won a Nord Games Luck Deck

On Ark105  – Cthulhu in Space DuwallStonerAge won a Foxy Irregulars Pin.

On Call of Ctuhlu, thanks to gifted subs by ldbrat1 and JMatthews85, we did two subscriber giveaways.

EraserTX won a Nord Games Luck Deck and Assorted stuff.
uwilnvrkno won a Nord Games Critical Hit Deck and Assorted stuff.


Question of the Week!

How important are giveaways during our live streams? What are your thoughts on the BOI?

Give us your thoughts on discord.

This Week on Quests and Chaos

The Untitled Podcast

We are in post on our episode this week.  We interviewed Ando Wilde of Hybr Games, creator of Soviet Kitchen Unleashed and Houston, we Have a Dolphin.

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