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Last Week on Quests and Chaos

Last week on Carbon 2185 Adam_Kimbulton won a Carbon 2185 core rulebook
Squeel_The_Bard won a pdf version of the Carbon Core Rulebook.

We triggered the BOI AGAIN! on Chaos Agents and will do that  Gale Force Nine Giveaway on Tuesday’s Show. 

Stylba won a Critical Hit Deck on Chaos Agents for a RAID.

LonelyYeti donated funds to do Cthulhu starter set giveways on The Great Dane Society.  We gave away one physical copy to ldbrat1 and will do another giveaway on Youtube.  Be sure to watch all the way to the end.  We will do a pdf giveaway next week on twitch as well.

For our Great Dane Socity Raids, FrodoTheFourth and TheReluctantWarrior both won Critical Hit Decks from Nord Games.


Question of the Week!

If were were to launch a new RPG show, what system/module would you like to see?

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This Week on Quests and Chaos

MONDAY, June 1 – 7:00PM

The Mitten – The Raid

The team finds Kaito after following a tip and making it out of the city. In the radiated outskirts the crew finds an oasis they believe is harboring their mark. After making it through a trap-ridden entrance they are greeted on the other side by Kaito and the occupants. In this walled garden they will come understand the isolation and also the plans of its inhabitants. They will have to choose whether or not they side with the status quo or fight to bring about a change and clear their own names in the process.

The team finds Kaito and his cargo in an isolated fortified former reactor hosted by the Emperor. In this serene environment outside the city, they believe to be a sanctuary but find out it is a staging area for an assault.



Ep 76 – The Devil’s in the Details

With the bombshell dropped that not only is Remy’s lost love still alive, they have a child together. The ramifications were felt throughout the group, with Remy questioning his role in the coming fight against Mammon.   Ruckus again, waiting patiently for his revenge.

Mosshelm Flynn, the high priest of Asmodeus in Baldur’s gate met with the Foxy Irregulars, and provided some details about what is asked of them as part of the deal between Dendar and Asmodeus. They are to infiltrate the Von Keene estate in the upper city and kill them.  Luck will have it, the High Priests from Waterdeep are also here.  Which make it more deadly, but also more rewarding.

As the Foxy Irregulars pass through Baldur’s Gate into the upper city, they have to find the disguises to blend in with high society. (Which are totally going to get wrecked at the estate.)

The Great Dane Society Call of Cthulhu Actual Play video and podcast


Episode 43 – Explosives and Bicycles

The Great Danes dealt with the aftermath of Ho Fang stealing the scrolls they need. That mostly meant Emma and Joan getting drunk and finding explosives while the rest of the team made a deal with the devil they know to turn power in Shanghai over to Madame Lin by killing Ho Fang. At the hotel, they were visited by the mysterious Carl Stanford who left some unfortunate gifts for Emma and Joan. Gifts that soon tried to kill them. This led to more hotel damage (grenade stains just do not come out..) and Donal being sucked into some nether dimension away from the party.

What happened to Donal? Where is he, and is he OK? Will the plan to kill Ho Fang actually work? Are the Danes ready for an assault on a heavily armed fortress? I’m sure everything’s fine…

The Untitled Podcast

Ep 7 – This Week in Kickstarter.
We did it!  Episode 7 is out featuring This Week in Kickstarter.

Amy Puzia and Thomas Koch host The Untitled Quests and Chaos Podcast, discussing news and information about Tabletop RPGs, Board Games, and Kickstarters.


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