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Last Week on Quests and Chaos

Last week on our Mitten One Shot Tygeron31 won a  Cthluhu Starter Set, Exhausted Dragon won a Nord Games Luck Deck and we are waiting for ryuu01010 to decide on which Nord Games deck they would like.

In an interesting turn of events Squeel the Bard won a  Cthluhu Starter Set and the Nordic Geek won Mug for Heff Day

On The Great Dane Society, abslynnz won a set of Birds of Paradice Dice.

Happy !HeffDay

Thank you to everyone who watched and entered.

Question of the Week!

Is the Newsletter Valuable?  What would make it better?  Do you read it?   How do you read it?  Check out the discord to answer the question.

May Tavern Upkeep is Complete

Thanks to an anonymous donor (some people call them Voldemort), we have already finished the Tavern Upkeep for May.

This gives us all a little breathing room to make sure we can get through this quarantine.   We have members of our community who’s livelihoods are impacted by the virus and shutdown.   Thank you for being with us, and hopefully we can provide a bit of relief from the stress of the day.

Thank you, Voldemort.  And thank you to everyone who donated in April to push us over our Tavern Upkeep goal!

This Week on Quests and Chaos

MONDAY, MAY 4 | 7:00PM

Ep 10 – The Running Man

After infiltrating the hideout of the Kagemi Boys, the group has successfully made it below ground to the nerve center of gang operations. They helped a Kagemi Boys Reclaimer escape death at the hands of one of the gangs creations, and in turn were given information that would help them find Monium. That information led them deep down into the gang’s operations center. They were able to sneak for a short period of time, but eventually were discovered and tripped the venue alarm. Now they are caught between the entire Kagemi Boys hideout and a door.

Trapped several levels below ground, in a gang hideout, searching for their friend – the team is backed into a corner and forced to play a game they weren’t prepared for.

TUESDAY, MAY 4 (5) | 7:00PM

Ep 72 – Let’s Get it On

The Foxy Irregulars have spent the day relaxing in Saltmarsh, discovering their new powers. Uzo and Ruckus spent the day with as many animals as they could and explored the “Haunted” House to the south. Remy and Andraste answered the question of “will they, won’t they” with not right now. Exposed out in the woods, the two of them have just heard a thump and a twig crack from the forest.

Join us as forest creatures investigate the two invaders, and see what happens when half the party dies.


Exhaulted Vales: Gates of Lusan

Join us for a special 2-shot featuring Devon from Total Party Chill, Amy, James, and Hollywood Actor, Matthew Bridges!

Lusan, the city of a Thousand Oracles, is undoubtedly the most famous city of the mysterious Exalted Vales. You were hired a week ago by Efanny, a young archeologist on her way to Lusan where she is meeting her mentor for an important exhibit. Efanny happens to be Emma’s cousin. Her mentor’s guild is paying for the journey and you will earn ten gold coins when you arrive in Lusan. Your task is to keep a very important antique amulet from their collection safe. You have been sailing for seven days in a convoy of four ships. The journey has been uneventful and your ship’s captain is confident that you will reach your destination safe and sound in a day or two.

Tune into Quizzes of the Coast on Total Party Chill at 6pm pst and then come on over with Devon afterwards!

The Exalted Vales Kickstarter Launches May 1st.

The Great Dane Society Call of Cthulhu Actual Play video and podcast


Ep 40 – The Heart is the New Girdle

Who could have guessed that the headdress of eyes was actually Sir Aubrey Penhew, evil leader of the Carlyle Foundation? He used the headdress to have the Danes lead him right to some of his major opposition, and take them out. It also appears that Joan lost the power of the staves. They got leads on the location of Jack Brady, and found out that they are not the only people very interested in Brady’s location. Emma met Madame Lin, and Donal and Alexandria snuck on board Penhew’s boat where they found a portal to some mysterious island.

Donal and Alexandria are cornered on the Dark Mistress, as her evil crew returns, Emma has caught the eye of Madame Lin, but (as her fortune asked) is she the king or the quarry? Silvano and Joan have plans to find a place of power in Shanghai to try to use a ritual to attack Penhew. Will any of it work?

 Nord Games creates 3rd party Dungeons and Dragons accessories.