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Quests and Chaos, Nord Games, and Gale Force Nine have teamed up to give you an amazing RPG giveaway to at least 1 lucky winner. If we get over 500 entries we will draw 2 winners!  Like, tweet, subscribe, and share for more entries into the giveaway.  ENTER HERE!


Prizes include:

Nord Games Products: $145 Value!

2 Treasure Trove Decks (CR1-4 & CR 5-8) $30 Value
3 Wondering Monster Decks (Underground, Dungeon, Wilderlands) $45 Value
Ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde Hardcover book $40 Value
Critical Hit Deck for GMS $15 Value
Luck Deck $15 Value


Gale Force Nine Products $110 Value

Arcane Spell Cards Deck $25 Value
Cleric Spell Cards Deck $20 Value
Volo’s Guide to Monsters Monster Deck $20 Value
Mordekainen’s Tome of Foes Monster Deck $25 Value
Creature and NPC Cards $20 Value