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DM | Thomas Koch | https://twitter.com/ThomasAKoch
UZO | Warren Reid | https://twitter.com/urbanmasque
REMY the Fox | Beau C. Williams | https://twitter.com/Beau_C_Williams
ANDRASTE | Tiana Hanson | https://twitter.com/Vana1895
RUKUS | Aaron Acosta | https://twitter.com/AaronThatDay

Music and sound by http://www.syrinscape.com
OpenForge Terrain 3D printed by the Quests and Chaos.

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RECAP Spoilers Ahead:  Episode 9 – Aftermath

Barnibus and the City Watch still have Trollskull Alley marked out as a crime scene. As the Remy, Rukus, and Uzo look around, Rukus realizes that the greenhouse across the street has a window blown out. “Why is your window exploded?!” he yells across the street. Barnibus and Saeth go to take Falla, the proprietor’s account, and Baga sneaks in to spy before the door shuts.

When he returns, Baga retells Falla’s story to Uzo. She had been watering plants when a blast blew out the window. A cloaked heavyset man took something from the dead gnome and limped away, keeping a look out behind him. This had to be the dark-cloaked figure Aired chased this morning. But with no leads on that front, they decide to take Barnibus’s advice and visit the Temple of Gond.

The temple is nearby, and as they near it, they see a familiar shape on the roof. It extends a hand, releasing something that flutters around and then shoots toward them. Rukus puts his flamberge into a batter-up stance. Uzo casts Armor of Agathys. Remy does something useful and throws a dagger at it, and the pommel strikes it hard and the clockwork bird explodes into mechanical shrapnel. The shape on the roof disappears over the roofline.

The Temple of Gond, known as the House of Inspired Hands is a house of wonders filled with the most amazing mechanical and clockwork contraptions. A priestess, a bronze dragonborn named Valetta, greets them and says that the bird was Nim’s. Nim is apparently a living machine that can’t leave the temple grounds. Since he gets bored, he sometimes does things like this. The Irregulars are intrigued, but since Nim can’t leave, it must not be the thing they fought.

Valetta takes them to an attic room which has a complicated lock Valetta doesn’t have a key for. Remy can’t pick it so Uzo suggests Rukus can kick it down, but Valetta knocks, and Remy is able to persuade the voice inside to open the door.

Nim is a clockwork being called a nimblewright similar to the thing they’re chasing, but without the beard and flashy hat. With some threatening and cajoling, he explains that he was lonely so he built another one to keep him company. But without magic to hold him in the temple grounds, the new nimblewright ran away. Valetta says this is unacceptable and has acolytes remove all the tools and equipment from Nim’s room. Before she does, Nim gives the team a device with an activation lever and an umbrella. He says it’s a nimblewright detector. If they activate it within 500 feet of a nimblewright, the umbrella will spin.

Rukus pulls Uzo and Remy aside and suggests they should get a nimblewright to work at the tavern. Uzo doesn’t like the idea of trading one prison for another, so Remy says instead they could hire Kenny Jeeves as a butler-slash-musician

Valetta offers 500 gold if the Irregulars can track down the missing nimblewright, and they head off following Nim’s best guess that their quarry would head toward the sea. It takes hours as they walk towards the dock checking the detector, but finally the device starts spinning as they near two enormous boats at the dock. Remy introduces them and describes what they’re looking for. A guard says their captain wants to speak with the Foxy Irregulars he’s heard so much about. He takes them on a dinghy to a third ship. As they leave the docks, the detector spins more slowly, then speeds up as they near the ship.

The captain is Zardoz Zord, leader of a traveling carnival out of Luskan. The dead ringer for a young Sean Connery wears a rakish hat and a red speedo with crossing straps over his glorious chest hair (seriously, google it). The ship is opulent in every sense so Uzo uses his eldritch sight. He determines that there is magic surrounding the entire ship.

Zardoz feeds the three of them the most amazing meal they’ve ever had. Rukus inhales it, crying in joy, and Uzo starts eating only once he’s sure Rukus isn’t going to die from poison. Meanwhile, Remy asks questions. With much guarded conversation, it’s clear that Zord knows nothing about the nimblewright they’re chasing, though he does have three of his own which explains the detector’s findings. Remy advertises his tavern and discusses preliminary negotiations over hiring the carnival as an act, but they gain no solid information.

They leave the ships and decide to take a carriage this time instead of walking. Their search pattern through the Dock Ward finds nothing, and they get out at the Xoblob Shop. Rukus kicks the door and hurts himself. Remy opens it since it’s unlocked.

Remy questions Xoblob, and after more scheming back-and-forth, finally realizes he’s giving information, not receiving any. They discuss potentially selling information if either party finds out anything, but the only helpful thing they find out is that the Xanathar want Urstul alive to get back something he took.

Serious matters handled, they start shopping. Rukus asks stupid questions and Xoblob thanks him for kicking the wooden door instead of a window. Remy decides against buying a vest with 100 pockets only large enough to fit a copper piece, but Uzo snatches up a wine-stained deed to a parcel of land in an unknown realm for 10 gold. He says maybe they can travel and find out where it is. They leave the shop imagining how they’ll play Interior Design Simulator.

It’s dark now, so they decide to head back to the Yawning Portal to talk to Davil, the only other person who might have some information. Uzo and Rukus see Renaer and Volo at a table and start showing off the deed, offering to sell it for 20 gold. Volo accepts but Uzo says he was joking.

Meanwhile Remy goes upstairs to talk to Davil, who says he’s investigating the explosion as well. The Zhentarim agents killed in the fireball were part of the splinter group and he doesn’t think the dead gnome was Xanathar. He suspects that the Stone of Golorr is trading hands and the gnome may have stolen it. Now he thinks Urstul, leader of the splinter Zhentarim, has stolen it back. When Remy asks about the nimblewright, Davil says eyewitnesses saw something like that on a roof. He gives Remy a necklace with 3 golden balls that this “puppet” had dropped. Remy brings Uzo upstairs to identify the item with his eldritch sight. He determines it has powerful evocation magic. It might have been the weapon that created the fireball.

They notice Renaer eavesdropping on the conversation and take their leave of Davil, but not before advertising the tavern yet again. Renaer gives them the first decent information of the day.

Renaer says that he has been hounded by his father’s spies ever since the elder Neverember was ousted from Waterdeep. One of these spies, a gnome named Dalakhar, has hounded Renaer for months, but recently disappeared. Lord Neverember trusted Dalakhar, so this disappearance was troubling. Renaer talked to his friends and discovered he had been on a mission to retrieve the Stone of Golorr but thought that the Zhentarim and Xanathar were close to catching him. After Renaer’s kidnapping, Dalakhar heard about the Foxy Irregulars. Renaer now thinks that he was bringing them the stone for safekeeping, but after the attack, Urstul has it now and that’s not good. He’s not sure how the nimblewright is involved. He could be working with Urstul, against, or be a completely separate third party.

The Irregulars decide their next course of action is still to find the nimblewright. They don’t have a better plan than wandering the streets with the detector though, so Uzo suggests resting for the night to think on it and start fresh. They return to the Irregular Tavern which now has all its windows but no plumbing. It also has no food, so they go to a tavern down the street for dinner.

Froon’s Brews has seen better days and is obviously not doing well. It’s mostly empty except for a table with four halflings. Remy immediately smells something familiar about them. They turn and look directly at him and we’re left with a cliffhanger.

– Ben Cislowski