Monday, November 28, 2022

Chaos Agents | Ep 7 | Two Towers

DM | Thomas Koch |
UZO | Warren Reid |
REMY the Fox | Beau C. Williams |
ANDRASTE | Tiana Hanson |
RUKUS | Aaron Acosta |

Music and sound by
OpenForge Terrain 3D printed by the Quests and Chaos.

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RECAP Spoiler Alert: Episode 7 – Two Towers

The team starts the episode readying themselves to raid the Kulat Towers where they intend to hunt down Jolvet Voidthorn. Uzo is still missing, but Remy, Rukus, and Andraste are joined by Aired the mummy-wrapped warlock. Aired uses a spell scroll to open the forcefield surrounding the property and they enter, Andraste holding on to the second scroll that will let them out.

Inside the magical forcefield is an 8 foot wall. Remy scouts ahead and finds an area with a rusty, broken gate covered with vines. He makes a terrible bird sound to tell the others where he is, then tries to squeeze through the vines. He gets stuck. He tries to get back out. He gets stuck that way too.

Luckily Rukus is near at hand, and with a cry of “This is Waterdeep!” kicks Remy through. It makes a hole in the vines large enough for them to go through and they enter.

The Kulat Towers consist of a square two-story building and two tall towers linked by a bridge. Aired’s instructions are unclear, so he assumes they should explore the towers until they find their target. They debate whether they should go up or down first in case the towers have deep roots like trees. Hopefully there will be a sign that says “Necromancer this way.”

The door to the square building doesn’t look trapped, but it doesn’t look solid anymore either, with an eerie wind coming through. Rukus aims like he’s going to kick it, then gently toes it open. Apparently he’s learning. Everything inside is ancient and rotten, covered with a thick layer of dust. Oddly, torches are lit and illuminate everything.

A cursory search of the room shows nothing except the dust. Past the next door they find round tables where four skeletons wearing chainmail sit hunched over, apparently having died where they ate. Without warning or explanation, Aired walks in and sends an eldritch blast at the nearest skeleton.

The Skeletons wake and attack. Trading blows, Rukus is surprised his sword doesn’t do as much damage as he expects. Angry, he throws his flamberge at the skeleton where it sticks in between its ribs. Aired’s next eldritch blast deflects off the sword and into the ceiling. Andraste debuts her new signature spell and the sound of a huge bell tolls through the room, harming a damaged enemy. The skeletons deal lots of damage to Rukus, leading Remy to shout “You will pay for hurting Rukus. That’s my job!” He slides between the final skeleton’s legs, breaking its pelvis, and catching the falling flamberge on the way through.

Examining the re-dead skeletons, the group finds nothing strange except for the fact that they moved. Determining they must have been raised from corpses, the group moves on to the next room.

The team enters what looks like a derelict kitchen, though a small pot hangs by the stove. It’s filled with a very dark red liquid that doesn’t match their health potions. Remy uses an empty vial to take some of the unknown liquid and lets one drop fall to the floor in the dust. He starts to say “If someone’s brave enough to ingest it…” but Rukus has already licked it. He says it burns on his tongue and tastes like dust. He probably shouldn’t eat more. It looks useful though so he puts away his sword and carries the pot in his hand. Before leaving the room, Andraste takes a bunch of silverware.

A set of stairs leads up and Remy scouts ahead, nimbly dodging a creaky step. On the second floor he sees boxes, and as he creeps around them, he runs into a moaning, rotting, flesh creature. Remy backs off, yelping “help me!” Andraste and Aired fire spells, almost hitting Remy. Rukus dives over a box to hit one of the zombies with his shield, and somehow ends up on the floor prone, still holding the pot of mysterious liquid. Andraste rolls her eyes, knowing he’s going to do this again. The zombie kicks him in the gut.

More zombies appear and hurt Rukus, so Aired inexplicably points a finger and heals him. It helps, and Rukus throws the pot at the oncoming zombie, perfectly pitching the liquid into its mouth. But zombies are immune to poison and it does nothing.

The zombies turn on Aired, and after trading more blows, Rukus actually uses his sword correctly. Then he gets hit again. While the boys show off their skills, Andraste heals Rukus, saying that if he keeps mouthing off she’ll stab him and force him to take healing, especially since he looks “iron deficient.” They finish dispatching the zombies, and Andraste remarks the dead things smell as bad as Rukus. This gives him an idea and he stuffs the half-brain he took from the intellect devourer and stuffs it in a zombie skull. The rest try not to retch.

The team searches the room, finding nothing but boxes of rancid wheat. Remy does find a small ring and stealthily tucks it into his pack. While they rest to recover their strength, Remy remarks that Aired’s spells look similar to Uzo’s. He asks that if Uzo ever returns (which is quite frustrating right now), perhaps Aired could talk to him and help him master his power. Aired agrees and asks Andraste if she’s from the high forest. She’s very suspicious and doesn’t answer plainly since she thinks he’s a drow.

They move into the next room, a circular chamber with stairs down to a level that’s empty except for a suit of armor surrounded by torches. Across the room is a ledge with two chests. Andraste is worried about the armor below being animated, but Remy wants the chests. He ties a rope around his waist, and before he is ready, Rukus tosses him across. Remy notes that he’s heard about chests that aren’t really chests just as one of them opens into a slavering mouth and bites him.

From across the gap, Andraste and Aired fire spells. Rukus throws a hand axe which sticks between the mini-mimic’s eyes like a nose. They dispatch it easily, but not before Remy backs up into an invisible wall where there should be empty space.

The second chest isn’t a mimic. He loots it and tries to jump back but falters. Rukus catches him and pulls him to safety. Remy hugs him in thanks. Then he smells Rukus’s rancid smell and tries to get away. Rukus doesn’t let go.

Remy pulls an Indiana Jones and steps into empty air where he felt the invisible barrier. He lands on a step, and they realize there’s an illusion hiding stairs that lead to the entrance to the floor above them. They loudly debate how to move up, and Remy pokes his head up through the floor like Navy Seals coming up for air. He sees an old man sitting in a throne with four more zombies around him. When Aired tries to do the same, the old man is gone, and he inexplicably runs away in terror. Remy chases Aired, jumps on his back, and slaps him in the face. Andraste enjoys it more than she should.

Mind clear, Aired charges Rukus-style up into the room, but not before two zombies come down the stairs through the illusion. Spells make the rotten heads explode, and Andraste complains she smells like Rukus. They follow Aired upstairs just in time to hear someone say “So you think you can just come into the void and attack the thorn?” This terrible “joke” confuses them, but Aired starts laughing uncontrollably and nearly falls down the stairs through the illusion.

As they fight, Voidthorn turns into a shifting spectral figure. Remy wishes he had a silvered blade to combat this magic being, and comments that his recent brush with death has made him much more cautious than he had been before.

Andraste channels her divine power and blasts the dawn’s radiance. Bright light floods the room, making the monsters cringe away. Aired pretends the light doesn’t hurt him, and drinks a potion.

Remy slides underneath the specter, attacking his “floating bollocks,” and wonders if things like this have bits. He kills it, and the final zombie moans something like “friend” as Aired blasts its head apart.

With the enemies all gone and their quest complete, the team clean their swords of zombie bits. Aired finds a necklace significant to his patron which he says is enough to prove their success to the Emerald Enclave. Rukus takes a suit of full plate armor and the Irregulars find enough gold to finish funding their tavern repairs. Feeling more powerful than they have before, they leave the towers and head back toward the Yawning Portal.

Once there, Aired shares a quiet moment with Andraste. He says he knows she knows he’s drow and thanks her for putting aside her bias. He had asked of her heritage because a few years ago he had been in the high forest hunting orcs. They destroyed an elf village, but Aired had was able to save three children, Arin, Ren, and Tia. Wiping away tears of joy, she apologizes for being unfair to Aired. She goes upstairs to her room leaving Remy to help Rukus figure out his new armor.

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