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Chaos Agents | Ep 6 | Darkness of Night

DM | Thomas Koch | https://twitter.com/ThomasAKoch
UZO | Warren Reid | https://twitter.com/urbanmasque
REMY the Fox | Beau C. Williams | https://twitter.com/Beau_C_Williams
ANDRASTE | Tiana Hanson | https://twitter.com/Vana1895
RUKUS | Aaron Acosta | https://twitter.com/AaronThatDay

Music and sound by http://www.syrinscape.com
OpenForge Terrain 3D printed by the Quests and Chaos.

Spoiler Recap

Episode 6 – Darkness of Night

The team starts the evening split up after resting for the afternoon. Rukus and Remy send a message by coach to Uzo and Andraste at the Irregular Tavern saying to meet at the Yawning Portal by 8:00. Remy writes it since Rukus is inexplicably illiterate. While they wait, drink and smoke, Remy asks Rukus about himself.

Rukus says he doesn’t think about the past much, going from mission to mission destroying things. He’s basically a murder hobo. He’s in Waterdeep however looking for “a specific number of heads” to either taxidermy or sit on his shelf to let rot. In confidence, he tells Remy he came from a wealthy family. They’re dead, and his fancy pants are all that he has left.

Remy says he served under a gentleman pirate once, but this captain thinks Remy betrayed him which is why he’s in Waterdeep bounty hunting now. He dresses like a pirate captain because he wants to be one someday and isn’t used to being attacked the way he was when he was hunting Uzo.

As they relax, Davil appears with another elf. This newcomer looks at Rukus, sighs, and proceeds to try and turn him into an elf.

At the Irregular Tavern, Andraste is stirred by the messenger Remy and Rukus sent. She looks for Uzo but only finds Leif who’s left a message on his new chalkboard saying “Uzo had things to see to.” Holding back the obvious joke about Uzo’s new eyes, Andraste takes the carriage back to meet the others at the Yawning Portal. When she arrives, she finds Remy asking for a mustache and Rukus convincingly made up to look like a half-elf. The disguise artist says full elf was too much of a stretch and he’s out of mustaches. Andraste tells the others Uzo had to see some things, and Remy makes the obvious joke.

They plan for the night’s stakeout, debating whether they should wait for Uzo or even hire another spellcaster. Remy, seemingly hurt by the abandonment, says they don’t need him. Andraste agrees, noting they should act tonight so there aren’t any more murders. goes out as bait wearing his armor under his clothes, strutting about, looking drunk, and “doing whatever an elf at the docks would do”. Remy and Andraste each follow him separately from the shadows.

Around three in the morning, Rukus gets pulled off the street into an alley and thrown to the ground. A dark face with white orbs for eyes slashes at him with a shortsword, and Rukus instinctively brings up his shield arm. He isn’t holding the shield though, and the blade cuts him deeply. He jumps up, pulls out his shield and tries to attack, but this attacker, which he now realizes is a drow, is nimble and deadly. Remy and Andraste meanwhile hurry to help Rukus. Remy closes in and is badly hurt, forcing him to withdraw for healing while he notes “I’m starting to regret not inviting Uzo”. Rukus thinks about pulling out his rotting half-brain and throwing it at the drow, but thinks better of it and uses his sword. He still misses.

The drow, not expecting the ambush creates a magical darkness and flees. Rukus flails about in the darkness and actually lands a blow. Remy chases after the drow blindly and hits him, causing the darkness to disappear so Andraste can cast spells. Unfortunately the drow dodges those too.

The next time Rukus hits him, the assailant levitates up to the roof, determined to escape. With some three-stooges style antics, the boys follow him while Andraste keeps throwing spells. At this point, the drow realizes it can’t get away so he turns and fights. He quickly takes down Remy and Rukus, the latter attempting to fall off the roof, but missing and landing on top of the building.

Andraste gives chase, leaving Remy and Rukus to fend for themselves. The drow trips off the roof, falling to ground level, and Andraste burns him to death with sacred fire. Only then does she go back to resuscitate her companion, saying “You don’t ever get to make fun of me for my fire again.”

The team finds the drow has a bag of miniature cannonballs, black powder, and a single-shot “hand cannon.” They take these mysterious items and don’t tell the city watch when they turn over the body. With instructions to return later to get their reward, they go back to the Yawning Portal for some well-deserved rest.

Andraste finds a mysterious package on her bed from Cerre Cloudsteppe, a Mystic of the Order of the Immortals. A note says the Order is impressed with the Irregulars’ deeds and wants them to succeed. The package contains sets of shiny math rocks, particularly useful for Remy literally who can’t roll well to save his life.

They sleep and Remy dreams again of being a rat. They’re wakened by a knock at the door just after noon. A tall figure with an owl companion, cloaked and wrapped in bandages introduces himself as Aired. He says Lady Jareth from the Emerald Enclave sent him to meet the Boxy Irregulars. Rukus likes this name. He explains his “patron,” the moon, along with the Enclave have given him a task. He wants the Irregulars to go to the Kolat (or Kumquat) Towers near the Enclave. He has two scrolls to get through the Kolat Towers’ forcefield, one to get in and one to get out. Once there, they will hunt down Jolvet Voidthorn, who is some sort of necromancer.

A second owl flies through the window, and in Lady Jareth’s voice, tells Andraste to expect a dark stranger. Even with this late warning, Andraste is dubious. Aired says he wears the bandages because he was burned and looks disturbing. Rukus is oddly serious when he says he understands fire at a young age.

They ask Aired to step outside so they can discuss. Andraste recognizes Aired’s eyes look familiar. She knows he’s a drow, but can’t be all bad if he’s working for the moon, which is celestial. Remy doesn’t want to take on something bigger than they can handle. He remembers Jareth said the Kolat Towers were beyond their capabilities, and his brush with death has made him much less rash. Andraste reminds him they have to rely on each other, and that they’re powerful together. They decide they will work with Aired, but only if Andraste keeps the scroll that will let them back out.

Remy goes to Davil to claim the team’s reward, and implies that since it was so dangerous they should get more compensation. But a deal’s a deal and they get their promised 50 gold per person. Davil also assures them the Zhentarim know who to turn to.

As they go downstairs, a voice says “If it isn’t Slade Remington.” Remy stiffens and tries to hide, but sees a well-dressed Pirate with several armed thugs. Remy knows Peter, and through gritted teeth, false pleasantry, feigned civility, and half-truths, reveals something about his past.

Remy, originally Slade Remington, was once on a ship where Peter mutinied against their captain. Remy did something that got Peter thrown in jail, but Peter only spent two days in the cell. He’s a captain now and looking for payback. He offers a deal: if Remy pays Peter back the 2,500 gold he used to bribe the jail guard, Peter will forget Remy exists.

Remy says Peter has no honor, so even if he did pay, there’s no reason to trust the pirate. He gives a counter offer, saying that he won’t give a single copper, and if Peter leaves now, Remy won’t kill him or come after him. Peter is shaken, not ready for this response. Cowed by Remy’s defiance, he leaves, but not before Remy says that if he thinks he’s being followed by Peter’s men, he’ll hunt him down and take his ship.

Once Peter’s gone, Remy collapses in relief, happy his friends had his back, though he has words for Uzo if he returns.

They return to the city watch and claim their reward of 25 gold each, adding this and Davil’s reward to their tavern fund. Remy advertises the Irregular Tavern and Rukus complains his arm still hurts. Andraste confirms it’s not infected but he needs to keep cleaner, especially not putting feces in his hair.

They scout the Kumquat –Kolat– Towers. The area is still surrounded by the magic force field, and inside is a tall wall and a rusted gate. There are two towers connected with a bridge on the second floor. There’s no entrance except through a side building, and there is some sort of magic torchlight in the windows even though it’s day. After finding a good place to enter, they decide to stock up on healing potions and wait until nightfall.

They go to the Emerald Enclave for more information and hopefully potions. The Enclave provides them with four greater healing potions and tells them that no one has gone in or out for decades and there are probably undead inside. Remy feels unprepared and worried, wanting to get his rapier silvered, but there’s no time for it. They leave the Enclave and prepare for nightfall.

Recap by Ben Cislowski

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