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DM | Thomas Koch | https://twitter.com/ThomasAKoch
UZO | Warren Reid | https://twitter.com/urbanmasque
REMY the Fox | Beau C. Williams | https://twitter.com/Beau_C_Williams
ANDRASTE | Tiana Hanson | https://twitter.com/Vana1895
RUKUS | Aaron Acosta | https://twitter.com/AaronThatDay

Music and sound by http://www.syrinscape.com
OpenForge Terrain 3D printed by the Quests and Chaos.

Spoiler Recap

Chaos Agents Ep 03 – Trollskull Alley

The episode begins with our fearless team finding themselves in the sewers under Waterdeep where they’ve just killed a half-orc wizard in a Xanathar hideout. The wizard gets back up with his relentless endurance trait and runs away, drinking a health potion that was waiting for the team to find. Remy chases him, and seeing a horrific monster around the corner, yells, “There’s a brain with legs! Kill it!”

Andraste puts down the half-orc with sacred flame, but sees the intellect devourer and agrees they need to “kill it with fire.” They manage to resist the devourer’s psychic attacks, and Andraste cuts off the top of its brain. Rukus pockets the brain piece as a trophy, to the rest of the group’s confusion and disgust.

Searching the room they find two healing potions and a bag of money they decide to count later. Remy remembers that there was a floating humanoid mind flayer in the room earlier, but it escaped through a portal. Uzo complains that the whole group is going to get him killed.

Floon, the Xanathar prisoner, and Renaer Neverember (whose name the team can “never remember”) explain what has been happening. It seems Renaer’s father Dagult had once been Free Lord of Waterdeep, but when he lost his position, had embezzled and hidden 500,000 gold dragons somewhere in the city.

As a note, Waterdeep confusingly named their gold pieces “dragons.”

The Zhentarim stole the Stone of Golorr from the Xanathar, so the gang kidnapped Floon, thinking he was Renaer. They figured he’d know something about the buried treasure.

Now that they have information, they debate what to do with their prisoner. The boys suggest violence, but Andraste say they can’t kill a surrendered prisoner. They give the decision to Renaer who says they will turn him over to the city watch.

Back in the sewers, they find a small passageway. Their prisoner says a half dozen wererats live in there, and the team shouldn’t mess with them. Remy does. With uncharacteristically bad stealth, he waltzes in to a room where a were rat attacks and bites him. Luckily his constitution is good enough to resist the lycanthropic curse.

They follow the yellow signs back up to the surface where they look for the city watch. No one comes when Remy calls out randomly, but they do when Uzo yells “a rich person is being bothered by a poor person!”

At the local watch station, the prisoner confesses, and the magistrate wants to give a reward for telling him about the wererats. He needs a team name first though.

After much discussion and argument where they say Baga doesn’t get a vote, numerous names are suggested, including:

–       Fox Machina
–       Fox and Friends
–       Rukus and Bunch
–       Various Artists
–       The Irregulars
–       Baga’s
–       Fox’s Irregulars
–       Foxception

Unable to agree, they randomly choose one of the group to make the decision, and Remy declares them the Foxy Irregulars. They get a 20 gold dragon reward.

The Irregulars take the magistrate, Floon, and Renaer back to the Yawning Portal to get their reward from Volo. Unfortunately he can’t afford the 100 gold per person he promises, but says he can give them a piece of property appraised for 800 gold instead. Agreeing they should look the place over before they take ownership, everyone goes to the North Ward.

The North Ward is a noble part of town, and in Trollskull Alley they find the Trollskull Inn. It’s a grand four-story building that’s seen better days, with a sketchy roof, and boarded windows. It’s abandoned because it’s haunted by the ex-owner, a ghost named Leif. He scared off the last owners because they did unspeakable things to the place, turning it into a rave bar.

Inside, Remy introduces the Irregulars to Leif, who writes “go away” in a dusty mirror. But instead of attacking him, they explain they want to reopen the place. Leif agrees and passes Remy a mug, ostensibly agreeing to stay.

Uzo says he’s overwhelmed because he started the day homeless and now owns a tavern.

Meanwhile, Renaer shows Andraste two trade bars worth 250 gold each that he found in the Xanathar hideout. Their stamp is destroyed, so they’ll need to get it forged. He also tells Uzo that he’s a member of the Harpers, a group that tries to fight darkness and corruption. Uzo reprimands him for his dereliction of duty, but accepts on a contact for the Harpers.

Remy puts their previously purchased purple pirate pennant over the bar, and only then do they agree to take ownership from Volo.

The Foxy Irregulars finally reach 2nd level and Andraste tells them about the trade bars. She explains Yagra, the half-orc woman at the Yawning Portal could help them, but they decide to use Remy’s criminal contacts. For 20 gold, his contact goes to a metalshop down the street called Steam and Steel where the stamps are forged.

The rest of the episode shows the Irregulars playing “Tavern Simulator.”

Meanwhile, Uzo wanders the tavern exploring his newfound eldritch sight and finds an interesting potion. The rest of the Irregulars claim their rooms. The second floor has a den and common room with a turret, which Rukus immediately thinks needs a ballista, not understanding the term refers to the octagonal tower. Andraste takes the 5th floor attic bedroom where she sees a hole in the roof. Uzo claims the third floor library, and Remy will have the master bedroom.

A knock at the door sends the Irregulars into alarm, but it’s Broxley Fairkettle from the Guild of the Fellowship of Innkeepers. Knowing that Waterdeep runs on its guilds, the team decides to join and pay dues instead of let the guild hinder them. Uzo thinks it’s a protection racket, but Leif trusts him.

Broxley explains to renovate the tavern will be 1000 gold for repairs and 250 for guild memberships and contracts. After that will cost 60 gold per tenday for operating costs. Uzo uses this to point out the trap of wealth, and that money will be used in the pursuit of more money, but the team pays 500 gold with the two trade bars, and Broxley goes to arrange repairs and furnishings. He also says he will recommend barkeep and waiting staff, especially another man named Dave.

The Irregulars go to the Bent Nail, a furniture store across the street, and play more Tavern Simulator, spending an unusual amount of time picking out furniture styles, wood stain colors, and furnishings. Uzo sleeps in a chair and gets a short rest.

Recap by Ben Cislowski