Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Chaos Agents | Ep 11 | Graulhund Estate

DM | Thomas Koch | https://twitter.com/ThomasAKoch
UZO | Warren Reid | https://twitter.com/urbanmasque
REMY the Fox | Beau C. Williams | https://twitter.com/Beau_C_Williams
ANDRASTE | Tiana Hanson | https://twitter.com/Vana1895
RUKUS | Aaron Acosta | https://twitter.com/AaronThatDay

Music and sound by http://www.syrinscape.com
OpenForge Terrain 3D printed by the Quests and Chaos.

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Spoiler recap Episode 11 – Gralhund Estate

The last Zhentarim downstairs mercifully dead, the Foxy Irregulars hear fighting upstairs. Rukus charges up and sees two Zhentarim fighting three Gralhund guards. He “violently reacts like an animal” and stabs one of them in the back. Remy darts between his legs. Andraste drops her flaming sphere before she comes up so she doesn’t light the stairs on fire, and once Uzo gets up, they dispatch the Zhentarim quickly.

Remy yells to the Gralhund guards that they’re here for Urstul. The guards say he’s in the next room without any more men but he’s trying to get Lord Gralhund. They ask the Irregulars to save him. Remy backs up behind Uzo so Rukus can deal with the door.

Amazingly, Rukus doesn’t kick it, trying to push instead. It doesn’t work so he tries to pull. Remy comments there should be labels for things like that. Beyond the door is a tiled bathroom. A heavyset man in black, Urstul, is busy trying to break down another door, apparently where Lord Gralhund is hiding.

Rukus sends out a firebolt. It misses, but Andraste and Uzo actually see it this time. Andraste successfully attacks Urstul with sacred flame, turns to Rukus, and says “that’s how you cast fire.”

Uzo calls Urstul by his name, apparently to make sure it’s the right person, but fires off an eldritch blast anyway just as Remy darts between Rukus’s legs, one hand tickling the fighter’s scrotum. “You’re the one who called me crotch friend,” Remy says, and Andraste says she ships it. Remkus is their new name.

Urstul looks to try and escape, but he’d have to run past all the Irregulars to get to the stairs. His only option is to attack Rukus in his full plate armor. Remarkably he lands the attack, and Rukus suddenly feels faint as the poisoned sword takes over him. “Again?” he moans and slams into the floor, face just inside the bathroom. He voids his bowels as he thinks he’s about to die.

Feeling confident that the tank is down, Urstul grins, but Andraste and Uzo hit him with more spells. Remy nimbles his way through, hits an artery with his attack, then darts through Urstul’s legs, and backflips over Rukus’s body. He’s now completely covered in blood.

Urstul finally decides he has to run, but there’s so much blood that he slips. He runs past all three Irregulars and Remy yells to take him alive. Andraste reluctantly hits him with her sword pommel, knocking him out and he falls down the stairs. Again with reluctance, she stabilizes him with a flick to his nose. Uzo takes care of Rukus who ponders how he was taken down since he thought he was so strong.

The guards retrieve Lord Gralhund, who’s disheveled but unhurt. He says that Urstul had been a friend but turned on them. Remy calls him on the obvious lie, but Gralhund says it doesn’t matter since it’s his house. He appreciates the life saving, but it’s time to leave. He offers a paltry coin purse and Remy probes him about the Stone of Golorr. Gralhund is evasive but Remy persuades him to set a meeting with Lady Gralhund as well.

Some time passes, and Remy searches Urstul’s unconscious form. He finds a coin purse, but no stone. He also finds a sword that Uzo says is magical. Rukus takes it and tries to hide that he has two longswords now.

The team is taken to a grand ballroom where Lord Gralhund is joined by the Lady, three guards, and a tall half-orc with a cleft palate. Rukus is overcome by images of fire and smoke where the same well-dressed half-orc held a torch over his dead parents.

Remy tries to be cordial as they realize there are no other exits in the room and Rukus basically screams in rage. Remy apologizes for him. Andraste tells him not to talk. They all notice the half-orc staring at the household crest in Rukus’s forehead.

In another conversation filled with guarded vagueness and generalizations, they get the sense that Lady Gralhund is in charge and the lord is just a trophy husband. They can’t tell if the lady actually knows more than she lets on about Urstul or the nimblewright.

Rukus and the half-orc, whom Lord Gralhund calls Hrabazz, continue to glare hatefully at each other. Rukus suggests that instead of monetary reward, Hrabazz can be their bodyguard. Hrabazz likes the idea, but Lady Gralhund sees more potential bloodshed. As she tries to settle things, the front door bell rings.

It’s obviously the city watch, alerted by the horses running rampant. The lady suggests they figure out their story. They agree to say that Urstul was a hireling who tried to murder and steal from the Gralhunds. The Irregulars saw the horses running outside and came to help just in time to stop Urstul. Uzo asks if they can go home now.

Lady Gralhund tells the story to the watch, performing as though she weren’t the head of the household. The watch says they will have to leave, since the villa is now a crime scene. Remy offers the tavern and Rukus gleefully agrees. Lady Gralhund stops Hrabazz from doing anything and says they will stay in their summer villa outside Waterdeep.

Barnibus enters and takes statements from the Gralhunds and Hrabazz. While they’re gone, Remy asks what’s going on with Rukus. He’s not uncomfortable but vengeful. The half-orc took everything from him. He clenches the table so hard he breaks some of the decorative edging.

Barnibus takes Rukus away to question him. Rukus withstands a zone of truth and answers fairly truthfully with many confusing details. When it’s Andraste’s turn, she also tells the truth but in a much more guarded way.

Remy decides not to resist the zone of truth and Barnibus can tell. He explains that the Irregulars came here following the leads they discussed with Barnibus. He explains about the two nimblewrights and admits to letting the horses out to raise the alarm. He says they they killed some Zhentarim but didn’t kill Urstul.

Barnibus admits that “everything mostly pieces together but I’m not sure Rukus is completely right in the head,” noting that the timing of events in his story is sketchy at best. Remy says that’s probably because he doesn’t understand time or how events work.

When Barnibus thanks Remy for bringing in Urstul alive, he says they’ll interrogate him, hang him, then talk to his corpse. Remy says he needs to learn magic, and explains about the splinter Zhentarim. He says that they’re the reason for all the fighting. The persuasion is “story changing,” and Barnibus admits they had already given orders to round up the Zhentarim. Now they will only get Urstul’s splinter group. Remy recommends Davil to help and Barnibus thanks him, promising that a reward will be sent to the tavern.

The guard let the team go free and Remy says he wants a bath to get rid of all the blood. Andraste insists Rukus gets one too, even though he already had one today. When he resists, she tells him, “I say this with the deepest love and appreciation: if you do not bathe yourself, I will tie you up and do it for you.” Remy says he’ll watch.

They get to the Irregular tavern by dinnertime. Broxley is there and says that all the work is done. They’re ready to open once food and drink shipments come in the morning. He’s also taken care of the rat problem. Someone had drilled holes in the walls and left breadcrumbs. The exterminator cart is still there and Uzo goes to talk with one of the rats. It takes far longer than it should, then he pays the exterminator and takes one of them since he collects animals the way Rukus collects body parts. Remy asks Broxley if he can contact the entertainers guild, and Broxley says he’ll bring by Kenny Jeeves tomorrow.

The team is hungry, but there’s no food yet. Andraste reminds them that one of the elf teens from her village wants to be a chef and might be willing to come work there. She would have to bring all three since they stick together now after having gone through so much. Remy says he owns a house in Waterdeep and they could stay. Andraste is family and her family matters to him.

The only other option for food is Frewn’s down the street, but Uzo says that he was responsible for the rats. His new rat friend has told him that Frewn hired the Sharters to put the rats in the walls. He also says they were wererats.

The group is shocked, especially Remy who puts on a convincing show. He says he’s going to take a bath and invites Andraste to join him. She says no, and instead forcibly takes Rukus to bathe. Remy goes upstairs alone. He smokes in the bath but gets no relaxation as he wonders what to do about his rat problem.

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