Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Chaos Agents | Ep 10 | Competition

DM | Thomas Koch | https://twitter.com/ThomasAKoch
UZO | Warren Reid | https://twitter.com/urbanmasque
REMY the Fox | Beau C. Williams | https://twitter.com/Beau_C_Williams
ANDRASTE | Tiana Hanson | https://twitter.com/Vana1895
RUKUS | Aaron Acosta | https://twitter.com/AaronThatDay

Music and sound by http://www.syrinscape.com
OpenForge Terrain 3D printed by the Quests and Chaos.

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RECAP:  Spoilers Ahead: Episode 10 – Competition

As Remy, Rukus, and Uzo walk into Frewn’s Brews, a group of halflings immediately turn to stare at Remy. The bartender Frewn isn’t much nicer as he takes their overpriced dinner order beneath an enormous disgusting otyugh head mounted on the wall. Remy buys a round for the halflings to try and pacify them which arouses Uzo’s suspicion.

These halflings are an adventuring party called the Shard Shunners (though they’ll forever be referred to as the Sharters). During the tense discussion, they make ominous threats and overtly lie that they haven’t heard of the Foxy Irregulars. Frewn continues to look nervous. As he brings out their dinner of overcooked meat and undercooked potatoes, he says he heard the old Trollskull tavern was infested by rats. Uzo and Rukus disgus how nasty rats are and Remy squirms.

Rukus invites the Sharters to the Irregular Tavern in Remy’s signature style, not seeing the tension in the air. The Sharters leave with unfinished ales. They were obviously interrupted. Rukus finishes the drinks.

Andraste walks into the bar to Remy and Rukus’s excitement. Uzo is hurt that she left the party but he got grief when he did the same. Remy says she was only gone for one day and nobody died. Remy asks about her trip but she won’t talk about it in public.

On their way back to the Irregular Tavern, the team sees a shadowy figure but isn’t able to catch it. Rukus actually manages to open a door correctly, and they discuss how uncomfortable and nervous Remy was at Frewn’s. Remy changes the subject and fills in Andraste with everything that’s happened. He also reveals that the ring he found in the Kumquat Towers was a ring of warmth. The liquid he procured there was poison.

Andraste tells that five years ago her village was destroyed and razed to the gorund. She had been away and when she returned everyone was dead. She called to the gods, and Lliira, goddess of joy came to her, granting her the power of a cleric. The last five years, Andraste has searched for survivors and her kin’s killers, but has had no luck. The Drow Aired gave her information that he’d saved three elf children from that attack. Andraste left the Irregulars to go fetch the children using teleportation scrolls from the Emerald Enclave. The children are nearly adults now and training to be a hunter, a cook, and an animal handler respectively. Andraste is overjoyed that not all her kin is dead.

Uzo and Rukus offer to help Andraste take revenge, but she refuses, saying she doesn’t want it. Remy remarks that he has a feeling the opportunity will present itself.

Uzo asks Andraste if she recognizes his land deed. Something looks familiar, but her investigation is cut short when Rukus puts his hands up behind his head, releasing his “natural musk.” He still sinks of intellect devourer brain, zombie head, and days-old hair feces. Uzo makes it to the window before losing his dinner. Remy, the sympathetic vomiter, joins him. Since the plumbing isn’t done yet, Andraste drags Rukus outside and forces him to clean himself with water from the well. For an hour. Remy goes upstairs to recover, bathe, and smoke.

During the night, Uzo and Andraste hear scurrying sounds. Uzo wishes Baga could eat rats if he weren’t small and vegetarian.

In the morning, Broxley appears with the plumbers. Uzo asks him to quietly handle the rats in the walls. Remy thinks they’re suspicious. They’d never had rats before Frewn mentioned the infestation. Broxley agrees to get exterminators as long as no one throws any more hammers at his workers.

The team decides their next best step is to seek out the nimblewright. They use the detector while they ride in a carriage and get a reading only a few blocks from the tavern.

The Gralhund Manor is a walled estate taking up an entire block of a North Ward residential area. Uzo can see magic upstairs in the villa so they know the nimblewright is here but the main gate is on a busy thoroughfare so they can’t sneak in or pick the lock without being seen. Remy scouts the area and reports a doorway and a locked stable door on the far side of the compound. They can’t climb the walls in the back without being seen.

Uzo talks through the barn door to the horses inside and Andraste asks why he’s neighing. Remy explains the warlock’s new abilities. Uzo tries to bribe Maladar, the horse inside, with carrots if he’ll break out and cause a disturbance. Maladar is unwilling to break out but Uzo keeps trying while Remy goes to talk to the crowd nearby. He reports that a man matching Urstul’s description often comes and goes.

They decide to go in the front door. Andraste pulls the bell rope while the other three act inconspicuous nearby. When a man wearing what looks like Zhentarim armor appears, Andraste asks if he’s heard the good word of Lliira. Uzo walks up saying he’s there to take care of the horses and intimidates his way through. Remy sneaks in under Uzo’s robes but not before reminding everyone the signal is “banana”. When they find the back door Remy saw earlier, Uzo sends Baga to fetch Andraste and Rukus.

After much Keystone Kops-style konfusion, Remy and Uzo manage to let Andraste and Rukus into the manor. Inside a kitchen, they find a dead butler and a cook, both stabbed and slashed to death. Rukus finds cumin and Remy suggests it will help with his smell. Further searching reveals a barracks, empty armory, and a laundry with another dead servant. Before they go into the last door on the ground floor they hear shouting. They decide to lay in wait while Uzo goes to create a disturbance. He opens the barn door to let the horses out into the street and yells “I need help! The horses are free! Banana!”

A black-clad man sticks his head out of the door and Rukus attacks him, slicing off his cheek. The man is lightly armored but tough, and he hangs on until Remy finally sneaks through Rukus’s legs and stabs him upwards from below [details redacted for our more sensible viewers].

A second Zhentarim has a crossbow, but Rukus’s strong new armor deflects it. Remy yells “Get him crotch friend!” and Rukus throws an axe. He misses. He throws his claw hammer. It sticks in the man’s armor. Remy has to run in and cut off the man’s head and he tells Rukus not to take it as a prize.

Inside the next room is more commotion. Remy prepares himself and opens the door only to be hit by two heavy crossbow bolts. “They’re ready for us,” he says belatedly. Another confusing fight ensues where the crossbowmen can’t figure out what the loading property of their weapons means. They keep shooting at Remy while Andraste removes Rukus’s leash. His mental tail wags as he runs in, Uzo firing eldritch blasts all around the room.

Rukus makes a strange gesture with his hands and the gem in his head starts glowing, then he casts burning hands, lighting multiple Zhentarim on fire and incinerating one. He looks back to his party in glee but none of them were within line of sight. Andraste’s using fire anyway, so they don’t believe him when he tells them what he did.

One of the Zhentarim disappears up the stairs and the last one sees there’s only one way out of this alive. He throws down his mace and puts his hands up. Uzo says to kill him and Remy stabs him in the back. Andraste doesn’t hear what the man says, and the most merciful member of the group whacks him with her flaming sphere.

Still alive, the man begs for mercy. Uzo demands if the servants he killed had their hands up too. He transforms his spear into a shillelagh and strikes, but the man is still breathing. Remy misses twice, and now it’s just torture. Finally Rukus tackles the man. Uzo yells again to kill him, but Andraste disagrees saying they don’t know what’s happening. They could be on the wrong side of this. But Rukus hears fighting upstairs and attacks, ignoring the arguments. He lops off the man’s legs and the guy “screams to death” as he bleeds out.


– Ben Cislowski

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