What started as a daring heist for 500,000 gold dragons in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, has turned into a back story driven home brew adventure through the Forgotten Realms.

DM Thomas Koch combines published modules with homebrew content, to create a unique and compelling story for our PCs, The Foxy Irregulars.The Foxy Irregulars are played by Aaron Acosta (Ruckus Highborn), Tiana Hanson (Andraste Nailo), Warren C. Reid (Uzo), and Beau C. Williams (Remy The Fox).

Natural 1 is a story driven Dungeon and Dragons 5th edition home brew.  Join Dungeon Master Beau C. Williams as he guides a group of adventurers through Rasmorae, a dark, gritty world where the use of magic is highly regulated and practicing outside the watchful eyes of the authoritarian mage nation can have grave consequences.

Our fearless adventurers embark on a journey that leads them over oceans, under mountains, to war, and even…to other realities.  All the while, making them question their own morality and if the ends, truly, justify the means.

Featuring Aaron Acosta (Mehem Gyro), Lauren Flores (Natrix), James Aaron Oh (Sen), Aubri McCoy (Maya).

Cardboard and Chaos YouTube Exclusive Content

A legacy game based on the original Betrayal at House on Haunted Hill board game. Players explore the haunted mansion and fight unearthly evils and sometimes each other. Each scenario changes the game board and the cards as the players come back decades later to explore the same mansion only this time as decedents of their original characters.

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Players race against a clock to stop a world-wide epidemic by treating hot spots before they outbreak.  The game takes place over a 12-month cycle of 12 and up to 24 games depending player success in finding the cure for the pandemic.

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A legacy game where the board and rules change as you explore the world.   Adventurers choose a class and work together to clear out dungeons and ruins.  At the end of each encounter they determine what to do next.  As the story advances, they enhance their fighting skills, experience and loot with each new adventure.

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